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Video streaming for the government

Jet-Stream: your GDPR compliant streaming platform.

• Europe’s sovereign streaming cloud
• Reach global audiences
• Multilingual in audio and text
• Truly GDPR compliant
• Monitor viewer’s involvement

Maximise transparency and democracy

Are you keeping up with the digital demands of modern citizens? In an age where transparency is demanded by the public, the need for live streaming government meetings and broadcasting live on the internet has never been greater.  But with that demand comes the responsibility of ensuring video privacy and security. And that’s where Jet-Stream steps in. With 30 years of streaming experience and 100% GDPR compliance.

Your data, Your rights

Practice what you preach. When it comes to data protection compliance, Jet-Stream stands apart. Being a Dutch company with a European infrastructure, with active privacy policies, we ensure that you are in full control of your data. Your data is yours. Share your message, not your data.

End-to-end streaming cloud

All your media and data reside safely within Jet-Stream Cloud. And just for clarity, there are zero legal or technical ties to non-EU vendors or staff. In addition to advanced security features, our cloud is packed with professional streaming apps for every need: live encoding, transcoding, security, Multi-CDN, video player, and analytics.

Open workflows

Jet-Stream Cloud lets you integrate your own or your suppliers encoders, origins, portals, players, statistics, packagers, transcoders, and so on, and mix it with Jet-Stream Cloud’s built in applications, so you can create advanced bespoke workflows in hours, not months.

Audited for EDPS

The European Data Protection Supervisor has audited Jet-Stream Cloud successfully, before streaming its annual Privacy Conference, featuring 100 expert speakers on data protection.

Check out the full EDPS case

Hola! Bonjour! Hej! Dobriy den! Ciao! Hallo! Ahoj! Salut! Cześć!

Europe’s diversity in languages is beautiful. However, live streaming public meetings in Europe poses a unique challenge. Therefore, Jet-Stream Cloud comes equipped with multi-language and live subtitle support, ensuring that every citizen, regardless of their language, can stay informed and engaged.

One-click broadcasting

With OnAir 4K, live streaming for government is as simple as a click. Produce and stream 4K content effortlessly, bringing your organization’s important messages to the public with clarity and precision. Of course Jet-Stream Cloud seamlessly integrates with live encoders, packagers, transcoders and origins too.

live streaming for the government

Break geographic boundaries

Expand your government live streaming’s reach with our 9 integrated CDNs. Our active load balancing algorithm ensures your content remains accessible to users everywhere, including  Middle-East, China, Pacific, Latin America and Africa, boasting a staggering uptime of 99.999% and capacity of millions of viewers.


Thanks to multiple abstraction layers, Jet-Stream Cloud makes your data and streams instantly portable to a wide range of vendors, ensuring that your mission critical service runs 24/7, even when a CDN or cloud service fails. Our 30 years experience in engineering streaming platforms that don’t break is at your disposal.

Branding that resonates

Privacy Player Pro offers a unique opportunity for video streaming for government organisations. This adaptive HTML5 player can be customised to represent your institution with custom control bars, brand colours, custom play buttons, and dynamic overlays. A 2-way interactive API is included so you can synchronise speaker data and slides on top of the player or in your portal. And with no trackers, it ensures privacy.

Privacy Player Pro for streaming for government organisations

Make informed decisions

Jet-Stream StreamStats equips you with comprehensive insights into your streaming content on one page. Scrambled IP addresses ensure viewer privacy, while in-depth analytics enable you to gauge viewer engagement effectively, giving real-time insights in stream popularity, session duration, detailed geographies, qualities, errors and devices.

Environmentally conscious streaming

Unlike other companies on the market, we don’t just promise sustainability; we deliver. Our operations have been powered by renewable energy since 2004, making us a partner you can be proud of. We use green certified datacenters, manage footprint per title based on realtime popularity, and use hardware accelerated transcoding that saves 90% energy.

Always there for you: 24/7 support

We understand the critical nature of government live streaming. That’s why Jet-Stream offers round-the-clock support, ensuring seamless viewing experiences for your audience.

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