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Professional online video platform.

Veni, vidi, video.

Jet-Stream Cloud is a broadcast grade streaming video platform, developed by the inventors of streaming.

Host your OTT blockbusters, corporate videos, sports streams, news items, e-learning videos, recordings, documentaries, vlogs and viral videos on Jet-Stream Cloud.

Stream up to 8K quality in HLS adaptive bitrate streaming, and offer progressive downloads too.

Benefit from full control over your workflows, quality, performance, costs and data.

Monetize media via FAST, AVOD, SVOD and pay-per-view.

H.264, DASH, HTML5, MP4, HLS, http adaptive bit rate video streaming.
Jet-Stream video platform outperforms JW Player, Wowza, Mux, Blue Billywig, Brightcove, Kaltura, Vimeo, in uptime, speed, quality and control.


Upload your video, publish the player. There’s no step 3. Transcoding, storage, HLS adaptive streaming, Multi-CDN, analytics: it’s all automated for you.

You get the highest quality, global performance, the most intuitive interface, and reliable analytics.

Jet-Stream enables you to create your own flow and quickly scale up. Offer a competitive service, 100% GDPR proof.


Tune transcoding qualities, manage Multi-CDN distribution. Set passwords and geo fence individual videos.

Customise the video player and build interactive video services.

Use the built-in VMS to manage libraries up to hundred thousands of videos.

You have full control over every step and features in the process.


Transcode and encrypt your videos, upload directly to Jet-Stream origins.

Integrate your own origin servers in a click.

Automate batch ingest and publishing through the API, process logs for custom analytics.

Mix Jet-Stream professional tools with your own professional services to create advanced workflows in minutes, not months.

Professional live streaming platform.

Love live.

Launch OTT television services, broadcast live events, congresses, festivals or sports and publish your webcams on Jet-Stream Cloud., the ultimate livestreaming platform.

Connect your professional RTMP, RTSP, Webdav and HTTP encoders and upstream redundantly. Or use the built-in OnAir 4K Cloud Encoder.

Jet-Stream Cloud automatically transmuxes your streams to HLS and DASH adaptive bitrate streams.

RTMP, RTSP, SRT, Webdav, HTTP remote origin, live streaming. HLS, DASH, icecast.
Jet-Stream streaming platform outperforms JW Player, Wowza, Mux, Blue Billywig, Brightcove, Kaltura, Vimeo, in uptime, speed, quality and control.

Webcasting brochure

Get the Webcasting brochure, and learn how Jet-Stream can make your broadcast better.

Video & podcast hosting platform.

Store podcasts, music files, downloadable video, progressive video, poster images, subtitles and thumbs on Jet-Stream Cloud, for extreme uptime and performance.

You can secure each title, group rich media into logical assets. Publish your media in Privacy Player to the world, in a secure, green, cost-effective, and privacy friendly way.

Professional music streaming platform.

Listen to this.

To maximise your reach, Jet-Stream Cloud supports icecast streaming, HLS, and DASH adaptive bitrate streaming.

Stream multi-language audio, surround audio, even lossless music in FLAC.

You can protect streams and your data is protected too.

Who invented live streaming? Jet-Stream from The Netherlands produced the world's first live stream on November 4, 1994.
The best platform for video streaming and live streaming.

By the inventors of streaming.

Jet-Stream invented streaming in 1994. We broke the internet in 1996 and since then kept innovating to help you launch professional, competitive, easy, smart and expert streaming services.

Pro streaming apps

Jet-Stream Cloud comes packed with professional streaming apps for live encoding, transcoding, security, Multi-CDN, video player and analytics.

Encoding, transcoding, video player, stream security, live streaming, video streaming, radio streaming, video analytics.