Your professional video, radio, music and streaming cloud.

Create advanced media workflows in minutes, not months.

Live stream platform.
Live stream platform.
Video platform.
Video platform.

The unified media cloud

Finally, it’s here: one integrated streaming media platform in which you can host, process, manage, distribute, publish and analyse your videos, podcasts, music, live radio channels, tv-streams and webcasts. Imagine the time you save by not having to work in multiple platforms.

Global multi-language streaming

Break down language barriers and be heard around the world! Imagine viewers from anywhere seamlessly enjoying your content in their preferred language, thanks to our platform’s integrated multi-language and multi-CDN features. Maximize the readability, audibility, and performance of your streams across different continents.

Discover our multilingual streaming solution now!

Easy, Smart, Expert: you’re in control.

“The premise of Jet-Stream is simple: Other providers may force you into a particular workflow, but with Jet-Stream, you’re able to mix and match workflow components.”

Nadine Krefetz, Streaming Media Magazine

We believe in flexibility

Our solutions are designed to fit your unique use case, not the other way around. With Jet-Stream Cloud and Jet-StreamOS, you can seamlessly integrate components from various vendors or use our streaming services out of the box. This multi-vendor approach ensures that you have full control over your streaming workflow.

Explore our multi-vendor strategy

Jet-Stream Cloud
Your media platform, beyond broadcast grade

Jet-Stream Cloud
Your media platform, beyond broadcast grade


Learn more about Jet-Stream’s advanced and easy to use media platform, with full control over quality, distribution, playback, security and data.

Benefits for you

Learn how Jet-Stream helps you generate revenues and helps you manage time and costs. At the same time Jet-Stream protects your business interests, your data and the planet.


Build advanced media workflows in minutes that fit your use case, not the other way around. Mix Jet-Stream applications with your own services and create your own flow.


Watch demo videos and learn how easy Jet-Stream works for you. Read example cases of various customers, and read our blogs and listen to podcasts to learn.

Introducing OnAir 4K.

OnAir 4K. Cloud Encoder. Live stream encoder. Live stream alternative for OBS.

OnAir 4K is a professional cloud encoder that lets you stream live up to 4K quality, straight from your browser. Zero install, zero config. Glass-to-glass adaptive streaming latency is just 10 seconds.

Broadcast and publish, there is no step three. Learn more about OnAir 4K.

Livestream platform for webinar, event, music, sports.

MaelStrom: hybrid transcoder

MaelStrom, winner of the Streaming Media Innovation Awards in 2023, is a compact on-prem 1U transcoder powering 80 FHD channels with under 300w. Versatile source compatibility from camera to RTMP/DASH streams. Features adaptive bit rate transcoding, integrated origin/edge, and a hybrid cloud design for efficiency, auto-recovery, and scaling.

Privacy Player Pro

Professional HTML5 video player

Live stream platform. Video platform. Jet-Stream Cloud.

Streaming Cloud

Built for streams, built for performance. Europe’s best live streaming and video streaming cloud, with global Multi CDN delivery.

Data protection

GDPR compliant streaming is finally here. Protect your mission critical data, your data and your audience.


Gain reliable insights in your viewers’ engagement and trends. Accurate data, real-time processing, great user interfaces.

The experts

We pioneered streaming and we keep pushing innovation with our latest streaming, cloud and CDN technologies.

In control

Build your future proof and scalable streaming workflow in minutes, not months. Easy for engineers, powerful for developers. You’re in control.

Green Streaming

Jet-Stream is 100% powered by renewable energy, our efficient infrastructure saves energy and we’re constantly looking for ways to limit our footprint.

Jet-Stream Cloud

Europe’s purpose-built streaming video platform.
430% faster. 100% uptime.
100% GDPR proof.

Fly above the clouds.

We’re here for you

Strategic partner.

Rely on Jet-Stream as your strategic video streaming platform. We help you to calculate your streaming business case, to help you implement the most optimal workflow to meet todays and tomorrows use cases, never the other way around.

Protect your business.

Your analytics and market reach are company sensitive data. We actively protect your data in our secure, private EU cloud against espionage, and will never share it with anyone. Protect your data, protect your business, and protect your audience.

Control your workflows.

Video platforms take shortcuts to make life easier, limiting your control. Clouds let you build custom workflows, but this costs time, money and headaches. Jet-Streams 30 years expertise is built into our services, offering you the best of both worlds: full control over complex workflows and architecture integrations.

Control your TCO.

Video platforms and clouds can become extremely expensive. Jet-Stream algorithms reduce global delivery costs. Our orchestration and automation tools slash your daily operational costs, saving time, money and headaches. Migration to Jet-Stream is a breeze.

Introducing StreamStats: reliable insights

Streaming Statistics. Stream Analysis. Streaming insights. StreamStats.

Measure trends and engagement for live streams, video hosting, podcasts, internet radio and media downloads.

Realtime, intuitive streaming statistics.