Amsterdam, June 25, 2024 — Jet-Stream, a leading European streaming service provider, is proud to announce the launch of its Advanced Multi-Language Packaging service, developed in partnership with Unified Streaming. This new service, an enhancement of our existing packaging feature, provides customers with more flexibility and control when it comes to packaging their media assets.

Media packaging workflow

The new Advanced Multi-Language Packaging service is designed to ensure the perfect video experience for every viewer, regardless of their device or language preference. This service builds on Jet-Stream’s commitment to providing professional streaming solutions and offers several key benefits:

1. Dynamic Packaging

Mux multilingual video, audio, and subtitles on-the-fly. Create different variations of packages per asset based on viewer preferences and content requirements.

2. Complete Control

Package content per title, per request, or per device, providing a perfect viewing experience for every audience segment.

3. Device Optimization

Hide complex technical details like bitrates, codecs, and HDR for smooth playback on low-end devices.

4. Cost Management

Manage bitrates to optimize costs and provide access to high-quality content (4K/8K) only for premium subscribers.

5. Advanced Security

Enable real-time encryption for DRM on a per-title, per-request basis.

6. Multi-Format Support

Package your content in a variety of formats, including DASH, HLS, Smooth, TS, and CMAF.

7. Granular Control

Configure chunk size per asset and adjust manifest configurations with advanced parameters in real-time.

Practical Application

1. Enable dynamic multi-language audio track selection per request.

Let’s say you want to reach audiences in different countries and let them enjoy your content in their native languages. With dynamic multi-language audio track selection, you can offer audio in dozens of languages based on the viewer’s location or preference. This means that when a user from Germany accesses your documentary, they can easily switch to the German audio track. Thus, creating a personalized and engaging experience that increases viewership and satisfaction.

2. Tailor subtitle options on a per-request basis.

Make your content accessible to non-native speakers and hearing-impaired viewers. By offering subtitle options on a per-request basis, you can package only the necessary subtitles for specific locations. Viewers in the UK will likely prefer English subtitles, while viewers from China can select Mandarin. This approach saves them from scrolling through all available subtitle options, enhancing their viewing experience with a tailored and convenient option.

3. Manage per request which video bitrates/languages are packaged.

As an OTT video platform owner, you want to optimize the viewing experience for all users. Imagine offering films in multiple languages and adjusting video quality based on internet speed and device. Manage video bitrates and languages per request to deliver high-quality streams for users with fast connections and 4K TVs, while ensuring smooth playback for those on slower connections or mobile devices.

4. Manage which video tracks are packaged with which language.

Advanced Multi-Language Packaging lets you upload your video with separate audio tracks and subtitle files in all your target languages. You pick which video track gets packaged with which language and subtitle option. So, viewers who prefer your native language hear your voiceover, while others enjoy translated subtitles or even a dubbed version.

Pricing and Availability

Jet-Stream’s Advanced Packaging service is available for €399 per month, requiring a Jet-Stream Enterprise or higher plan. This includes access to Jet-Stream Cloud resources, redundant packaging, VOD Matrix service, and up to 1TB of packaging traffic per month.

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