Streaming Analytics

Measure your audience’s engagement.

• Statistics, analytics & logs
• Streaming insights
• Reliable data
• Realtime data
• Data protection

Bundled for free with Jet-Stream Cloud.

Streaming insights.

Get deep and reliable insights in your audience’s behavior and engagement thanks to Jet-Stream StreamStats, Analytics and streaming log services.

Analyze your podcasts, videos, radio broadcasts, and live events all in one unified interface.

StreamStats gives you real-time and reliable insights in streaming audience engagement and behaviour.



Jet-Stream StreamStats gives you real time streaming insights in one intuitive web interface.

Watch this demo. Zoom in to traffic usage, view video, radio and livestream sessions, popularity, geographies, clients, and referrers, overall and per title.

StreamStats streaming statistics.


StreamStats Pro.

StreamStats Pro lets you deep dive and analyze detailed viewer behavior, per time, per title.

See trends and generate reports, deep dive into your data in one powerful web interface.


Streaming logs.

Subscribe to Jet-Stream Afterburner real-time log streams and feed these into your own-, or third- party analytics engines.

Integrate customer support services, export data, and build revenue sharing models with content suppliers based on viewed minutes data. You’re in control.

Streaming logs, logs streaming.
Streaming logs. Stream logging. Streaming log aggregator. Streaming data orchestration.

Reliable data from logs.

The benefits of cloud-side logging are accuracy and reliability. Every view is logged.

Compare this to player or tracker-based logging, which is increasingly blocked by browsers, firewalls, and ad- and tracker-blockers.

Jet-Stream Cloud captures 100% of the views, guaranteed. There’s no sampling: 100% of all data is analyzed.

The result: 100% reliable, rich and accurate source data, so you can safely make strategic and tactical decisions about your media and how and where you publish.

Real-time data.

Jet-Stream StreamStats, Analytics and Streaming Logs services are powered by real-time CDN and cloud log streams.

All data from Jet-Stream Cloud and even most third party CDNs is aggregated in real-time, to Afterburner, the elastic, central log processing facility on Jet-Stream Cloud, which processes billions records per hour.

The result: as soon as you go live, or when your media goes viral, you get your statistics.

Real-time data for video streaming and live streaming.

Measure your audience’s engagement.

GDPR, DSGVO streaming data.

Data protection:
100% GDPR compliant.

Jet-Stream is a European entity, with European cloud and CDN infrastructure.

All media, logs, statistics, and analytics data are stored in the secure Jet-Stream Cloud.

We protect your audience. Personal data, such as their IP-addresses, are removed.

Your data is yours. We protect your mission critical data. Share your creativity, not your data. Read more about data protection.

Privacy protected data analytics which you can't get with Akamai, Mux, JWP, Conviva.
Free video statistics.