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CDN & Cloud orchestration

• Enhance your existing offering
• Build a broadcast-grade streaming CDN
• Compete with full-stack streaming clouds
• Become part of Jet-Stream Mix
• Boost your traffic and increasing revenue

Outperform the bigger players

Online video is the leading force behind CDN traffic and cloud computing resources. Traffic and computing have quickly become commodities, with relatively low margins in a very competitive landscape. Running Jet-Stream’s solutions on top of your fast CDN or cloud, you enhance your existing offering with professional and competitive video and audio streaming services.

Become part of Jet-Stream Mix

Our Jet-Stream Mix offers a wide range of benefits for companies looking to improve their video streaming services. You can join our Jet-Stream Mix and make your services available to our customers. Thus, significantly boosting your traffic and increasing revenue. Besides, by partnering up with Jet-Stream, you can offer your customers fast and reliable video streaming in one place, without building it all by yourself.

Joim Jet-Stream Mix as cloud or cdn

The video streaming stack

Jet-StreamOS is modern Kubernetes containerized software that turns your Cloud into a high-end scalable streaming platform. Jet-StreamOS is a suite of applications including live video, radio, video streaming and media downloads workflow management, multi-CDN, streaming origins, streaming edges, transcoding, security, analytics, and video player.

By the inventors of streaming

Jet-Stream invented live streaming in 1994 and pioneered many streaming technologies. You are supported by a team of seasoned streaming, cloud and CDN experts. The award-winning Jet-StreamOS was developed in 2009 and has been extended and modernized with the latest streaming innovations. Jet-Stream customers rank its service with a 9.5 satisfaction.

Higher margins, strategic position

Many industry giants such as Akamai or AWS are already providing the full package of services. But what if you don’t have the necessary resources? Run Jet-StreamOS on top of your CDN or cloud architecture, and monetize higher value, higher margin services such as transcoding, players, analytics, and security, on top of your commodity computing and traffic services. Compete with full-stack streaming clouds and managed CDNs and strengthen your competitive advantage and your strategic position in the market.

Cloud orchestration

Jet-StreamOS automatically orchestrates cloud resources to scale resources efficiently and automatically for live intake, video ingest, transcoding, storage, delivery, and analytics. The level of automation dramatically reduces your operational costs.

High-quality video content

Offer your clients not just speedy content delivery, but also superior quality. Our platform can transcode your users’ videos into different qualities, making it possible for people with varying internet speeds to view their content seamlessly. And we also support adaptive bit-rate streaming, a feature that optimizes the bandwidth required to deliver high-quality video content. This capability helps to lessen the load on your licensed CDN or cloud infrastructure while enhancing the user experience.

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CDN orchestration

Jet-StreamOS lets you can easily build a broadcast-grade streaming CDN thanks to software modules such as origins, edges and a built-in CDN orchestration service. Viewers are actively load-balanced over a dynamic pool of edges, and many 3rd party CDNs are deeply integrated and can act as geographic or burst capacity, based on business rules. Creating a hybrid private CDN and third party CDN mix was never this easy.

Streaming pipeline orchestration

Provision resellers and users, and manage which origins, transcoders, storage, edges and dynamic CDNs are used. Each user has an isolated secure environment in which they can easily create advanced custom streaming workflows in minutes, not months. Jet-Stream Mix lets your customers cherry-pick and integrate Jet-Stream applications such as transcoding, security, players, analytics, and content delivery network, with their own.

Integrate Jet-Stream applications with your Cloud & CDN
HTML5 video player

Professional video player

Privacy Player Pro is a powerful and secure video player designed to provide high-quality video streaming. It ensures fast and reliable content delivery, including 8K VOD and live streams, and offers rich media experiences like surround sound, subtitles, and overlay logos. Additionally, it can be easily customized to fit branding requirements and comes with built-in contextual video advertising. With its easy integration, Privacy Player Pro is a reliable and cost-effective solution that can help a brand to stand out.

A two-way partnership

Running Jet-StreamOS on your platform strengthens your proposition. But there’s another benefit. Jet-Stream’s SaaS service runs on its own cloud and wants to extend to third-party clouds. And the more CDNs that can be integrated within Jet-Stream Cloud, the stronger its offering. Let’s talk about building larger video streaming infrastructures together, to further scale up the web for professional streaming services.