Data protection

• GDPR compliant
• EDPS audited
• Sovereign EU Cloud
• Privacy first
• Business protection
• EU owned, hosted & operated

Share your creativity,
not your data.

Video, audio, streams, logs and analytics can contain personal data, which you must protect under Europe’s GDPR law.

Logs and analytics contain competitive sensitive data, such as your popular channels, titles, programming, audience and advertisers.

Jet-Stream protects your data. Your data is yours. You are in control of your data, with Jet-Stream.

Privacy. Which streaming platform is GDPR, AVG, RPGD, BDSG, DSGVO compliant? Datenschutz, databescherming, privacy.

Data protection checklist.

GDPR privacy checklist. DSGVO, AVG, RPGD, BDSG, Datenschutz, privacy, compliancy, conformité.

Many vendors claim to be GDPR compliant, but rely on US owned cloud services.
Storing data in the EU is not enough, and SCC’s are not enough too.
Check your vendor’s data protection in just 4 steps below.
The sovereign Jet-Stream Cloud is 100% EU owned, operated and hosted.

European streaming platform with secure EU cloud for privacy.

100% GDPR compliant.

Jet-Stream is a Dutch company with European infrastructure.

Jet-Stream has no legal, operational or technical ties to non-EU vendors.

All your media and data are protected by the secure Jet-Stream Cloud.

European citizens are shielded from US CDNs. Jet-Stream is 100% GDPR / DSGVO / RPGD / AVG / BDSG compliant.

EDPS audited.

The European Data Protection Supervisor had Jet-Stream Cloud audited successfully before streaming its annual Privacy Conference, hosted by 100 expert speakers about data protection. If an authority like EDPS says we’re okay, who are we to contradict them?

Jet-Stream’s network and its operations services are both ISO 27001 (information security) and NEN 7510 (health care information security) certified.

EDPS, European Data Protection Supervisor.

Streaming the EDPS conference
‘the future of data protection’.

Own your streaming data. Data protection is your interest.

Business protection.

Paying for a service that could store, share or sell your data with third parties is never a good deal. Your entire business is in logs and analytics: your market share, your customers, your most popular titles, your advertisers.

Can you take the risk that you could be competed with your own data? That your data is sold or shared, or stored on a cloud that is obligated to hand over the data? What are the risks of these scenarios? 

What are the risks if your image gets hurt because you shared personal data of your audience, in violation of European legislation? Let’s prioritise data sovereignty. Jet-Stream protects your business interests.

Data Protection brochure

Get the Data Protection brochure, and learn how you can protect your data, audience, and business.


We believe that privacy is a fundamental human right. A European pioneer in streaming, Jet-Stream makes you in control of your data. We will never share your data or claim ownership of it.

Jet-Stream actively protects privacy. For example, there are no trackers in the player. You can disable Chromecast calls to Google. IP-addresses are scrambled in analytics.

Jet-Stream was the first to introduce a commercial video player with contextual video advertising, shielding personal data to video advertisers. 

Jet-Stream security features include secure streaming, geo fencing, URL signing and encryption support.

Streaming privacy.
The Netherlands

European entity.

Jet-Stream is a Dutch limited B.V. We have no third party investors. We are bound to the strictest Dutch and European data protection laws. Not because we have to, but because we want to.

European cloud.

Jet-Stream Cloud is European infrastructure, owned and operated by Jet-Stream. Our vendors are Dutch or European. We don’t store or process data outside of our cloud. The cloud actively protects your data.


Share your creativity,
not your data.

Services operated on American owned cloud services such as Amazon AWS, Amazon Cloudfront, Microsoft Azure, Cloudflare, Akamai, Lumen, Edgio, Fastly, Google Cloud, Google CDN, YouTube, Vimeo, JWP, JW Player, Brightcove, IBM Video, Kaltura, Blue Billywig, 3Q, Wowza, Mux, Flowplayer are not GDPR compliant.

About the US Cloud Act.

The US Cloud Act demands access to any data, if there is a US entity involved, even when your data is stored on EU soil, even if the services are owned by European subsidiaries.

Streaming logs and analytics contains personal data of European citizens. Therefore, the European GDPR law prohibits the use of non-EU services. It’s against the law. 

Any private data protection contract between you and any vendor that has a US link is superseded by the US Cloud Act. This includes Privacy Shield (rendered invalid by the European Court) and includes SCC’s, which demand you to audit the entire trail of vendors and this audit will fail if there is any US link. European vendors and their US based cloud, service or CDN providers can’t avoid this: it’s the US law versus the EU law. 

Another concern is corporate espionage. It is well known that foreign government services share and sell competitive sensitive data. Your media and your logs and analytics can contain very sensitive information. Jet-Stream protects your interests.

Data protection