Live streaming platform.

• Professional live streaming
• Reach a global audience
• Increase engagement
• Monetize live streams
• Get real-time insights
• Protect your data

The award-winning global live streaming platform.

Love live

Nothing engages and converts better than live video. To stream live, you need a professional live streaming platform: Jet-Stream Cloud, built by the inventors of live streaming.

Live event webcasting

Jet-Stream Cloud is a professional livestream hosting and webcasting solution for events, congresses, festivals, e-learning, music, enterprises, and sports. Stream and pay per hour, day or week, with no strings attached. Use the built-in live encoder, connect RTMP encoders, or pull the stream from a remote source. Set up multiple streams. Redundant sources, professional transcoding, recording, active multi-CDN, a beautiful interactive branded HTML5 player, and reliable analytics are all built-in. Jet-Stream Cloud delivers to all global regions including China, at a massive scale. Our 24/7 live event hotline service is available to support your live event from glass to glass.

I’m really impressed with what you’ve built. You quietly, but surely, built this platform, that is flexible, green and has high performance, and it’s amazing.”

Mark Donnigan, the Video Insiders

Streaming the Eurovision Song Contest

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24/7 OTT broadcasting

Broadcast one to one hundred television channels, whether it is news, sports, entertainment, education, corporate television, or faith, to a global audience. Use professional RTMP, SRT, Webdav or remote HTTP encoders. Redundant sources, active switchover, HLS/DASH transmuxing, passthrough streaming, pro transcoding, DVR, recording, active global multi-CDN with mid-stream switching, a beautiful interactive branded HTML5 player, and reliable analytics are all built-in. Build advanced live television streaming workflows in minutes, not months.

Increase engagement

Next to attending a real-life event physically, live video streaming is the best engaging type of media. To achieve maximum audience engagement, Jet-Stream Privacy Player Pro lets you stream live up to 360° 8K HDR videos with Dolby Atmos audio, in a beautiful, fully customizable player interface. Place interactive elements with real-time data such as polls, sports statistics, add chats and sync VOD videos with slides to create immersive experiences.

Jet-Stream: your live-streaming service provider

Monetize live streams

Advertising (FAST and AVOD)

Sometimes you want your live video stream to be available to the world for free. Have you thought about ad-based monetization? Jet-Stream Cloud supports IAB VAST and exclusively includes Contextual Advertising, for free, we don’t eat into your CPM.

Sponsors and lead generation

The included interactive video player lets you brand the player, customize the colours, overlay sponsor logos, present sponsor poster images, and overlay interactive sponsor banners with clickable call-to-actions and lead-generation tools.

VIP and paid streams (SVOD and PVOD)

In many cases, your event streams or 24/7 tv channels are meant to be exclusive. Active security features let you manage who can access your media, enforced, so you can decide which streams and which videos are free-to-air, exclusive or behind a (subscription or pay-per-view) paywall.

Go live in 1, 2… there is no step 3.

Step 1: Click to go live, without the need to install, configure or connect an encoder.

Step 2: Publish the HTML5 video player.

Congratulations, you are on air, on the most reliable live streaming platform. It’s that easy.

OnAir 4K is a professional live encoder in your browser and includes all pro Jet-Stream Cloud services. Now anyone can stream live like a pro: sporters, musicians, teachers and even your boss.

Learn more about OnAir 4K.

Engage with the highest quality.

Secure streams with jet-stream. Secure cloud. AES encrypted streaming. FairPlay DRM. Playready DRM. Widevine DRM. Multi-DRM.

Passthrough streaming

Set up redundant RTMP, RTSP, Webdav push, and HTTP pull streams in a single click. Connect your encoder and stream. Your streams are sent at sub-12-second latency to your audience in their original, pristine quality, up to 4K, even 8K, 60fps, HDR, and Dolby Atmos.

Pro transcoding

Connect your encoders and select a transcoding profile per stream. Profiles go up to 4K, 60fps adaptive bit rate streaming. Create custom transcoding profiles for extreme sports quality or for low latency streaming in a few clicks.

Click and record

Record and schedule live stream recordings, for instant VOD adaptive streaming playback. Use DVR services for users to pause and rewind live streams. Download recordings for further processing in your media production pipeline.

Learn more about Jet-Stream Maelstrom transcoding.

Viewer satisfaction.

Jet-Stream Cloud is purpose-built for streaming. Live streams and VOD recordings automatically adjust to the users’ screen and bandwidth, to guarantee a smooth and buffer-free live streaming experience. Thanks to optimizations and deep integration in network, hardware and software, your streams start 430% faster compared to generic video platforms, CDNs and clouds, with less buffering, enabling reliable 4K, 360° VR and even 8K streaming. The built in Privacy Player Pro guarantees a uniform viewer experience across any device. Learn more about Jet-Stream Cloud.


Increase your reach.

With up to eight deeply integrated global CDNs, Jet-Stream Cloud is built for scale: deliver your streams to millions and millions of viewers across the globe, from Iceland to Argentina, from Australia to China and the Middle East and Africa. Active load balancing algorithms send every streaming viewer to the most optimal path, guaranteeing extreme uptime.

Learn more about Jet-Stream Airflow Multi-CDN.

Protect your interests.

Password-protect, geo fence and lock individual live streams to manage who can access your private or exclusive live streams. Create custom geo groups and manage single sign-on access through URL signing and prevent unauthorized deep-linking. Integrate DRM encryption and licensing services. Learn more about secure streaming.

Data protection

Watch people watch.

Get real-time insights into your audience, event stats and trends. Jet-Stream StreamStats gives you real-time statistics overall, and per stream: viewers, geography, devices, and much more. Jet-Stream Analytics lets you dive deeper into trends and generate reports.

Learn more about analytics.

Live stream for everyone

Speak your languages.

In Europe, we have dozens of languages. Live streams often need to be translated (audio or subtitles). Jet-Stream Cloud lets you stream live and on-demand in multiple languages and with live subtitles. We work with various translation and automated subtitling partners.

Contact us for more information about multi-language live streaming.

Orchestrate and automate.

You can stream instantly, and create advanced streaming workflows in minutes, not months. Use the intuitive web interface or the powerful video and live streaming API to integrate live encoders, origins, DRM services, custom players, and custom analytics. Mix your services with Jet-Stream Cloud streaming applications and create an optimal workflow pipeline that supports your use case, never the other way around.

Learn more about workflow orchestration.

Jet-Stream Mix
24/7 support

The human backup plan.

Rely on the specialists with the most live-streaming experience in the industry. We are here to help with your business case, use case and workflow. We help you configure and test the encoder and the connections, we set up the right mix of CDNs to support your global presence and capacity, and we help you implement and customize the interactive, branded HTML5 video player.

During your mission critical live event, our webcast engineers can be on standby and are available via chat, phone, app, and video calls to guarantee a smooth live event.

Learn more about support.