Demo videos

Learn how easy and smart streaming experts build advanced workflows in minutes, not months, on Jet-Stream Cloud.

Transcode live streams

See how easy it is to go live and have full control over the quality of your live streams.

Use MaelStrom OTT

See how easy it is to set up tv channels via MaelStrom OTT.

OnAir 4K: live magic

Live encoder. Live encoding.
See how easy it is to stream live with the OnAir 4K live encoder.

Setup a RTMP stream

How to setup a RTMP or RTSP H.264 and AAC live stream.
See how easy it is to connect live RTMP and RTSP encoders.

Upload & transcode

How to upload and transcode a video
Upload and manage the quality of your videos, up to 8K.

StreamStats: statistics

How to see streaming analytics
Analyse trends and engagement in real-time.

Use the Video CMS

How to use the Video CMS (VMS)
Use the built-in Video CMS to manage large libraries and streams.

Manage Multi CDN

How to distribute videos and streams over multiple CDNs
See how you can take full control over Multi CDN distribution.

Publish Privacy Player

How to publish a HTML5 branded interactive video player via iframe or javascript API.
Create and publish custom designed video players in clicks.

Use a custom video player

How to integrate a HTML5 video player
See how easy you can use third party video players.

Secure streaming

How to password protect, geo fence or signed URL videos and live streams.
Password protect and sign your videos and streams in real-time.

Geo fencing

How to geo fence videos and livestreams
Geo fence your videos and streams in real-time.

Setup a HTTP pull stream

How to pull a HLS or DASH http adaptive bit rate live stream from an external live encoder or streaming server.

Pull a HTTP live stream from a remote server or encoder.

Connect a remote origin

How to pull HLS or DASH http adaptive bit rate streams and videos from a streaming origin server.
Add your own vod and live origin servers to Jet-Stream Cloud.

Manage your account

How to manage a streaming account
Manage your Jet-Stream Cloud account.

Manage users and rights

How to manage users and rights and build a multi user workflow streaming environment
Create users and manage their rights, for multi-user workflows.