Use a custom video player

Integrate video players with Jet-Stream Cloud.

Use a custom video player.

Easy: Copy the Privacy Player iframe code, and paste the iframe into your website, and you are done. Privacy Player will playback your media in all popular browsers and mobile devices.

Smart: Privacy Player Pro is a professional HTML5 video player. The player includes many professional features including dynamic branding, subtitles, web overlays, adaptive streaming, a recommendation engine, playlists, 360° VR surround streaming, Airplay, Chromecast, up to 4K and 8K quality streaming, radio streaming, password protection, VAST advertising and contextual advertising.

Privacy Player is bundled for free with Jet-Stream Cloud, with unlimited views. Don’t pay to play.

Expert: reach audiences on smart tv’s and set top boxes, and create and integrate your own video players too. This video shows you how easy it is to integrate third party video players such as AgnoPlayer, VideoJS, Bitmovin, FlowPlayer, Kaltura Player, Theoplayer and JWPlayer.

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