Online Webinar:
Streaming Innovations

On January 11 streaming pioneers, thought leaders and industry disruptors gathered together to showcase their incredible innovations that have shaped the streaming world.

And now you have a chance to relive the highlights and revelations at your convenience with our on-demand video, ensuring you don’t miss a moment of invaluable knowledge.

Online Webinar:
Streaming Innovations

Webinar host

Dom Robinson, the host of the ‘Streaming Innovations’ webinar, boasts over 25 years of expertise in the live streaming media market.

Currently leading business development at, a pioneer in live streaming software, Dom specializes in ultra high-availability and scalable delivery. His career highlights include founding Europe’s first large-scale Content Delivery Network, implementing groundbreaking online media workflows, and receiving international awards for his visionary contributions.

Presentation Replays

Alex Liu on Streaming Innovations webinar
Alex Liu
Co-founder & COO 
of NETINT Technologies

Video Encoding: A Technological Odyssey from ASICs to Software and back to ASICs

In this presentation Alex Liu delves into the cyclical evolution of video encoding technology, highlighting NETINT Technologies’ innovative use of ASICs to optimize performance and efficiency, and explores the trade-offs and innovations shaping the future of video processing.

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Simplifying Live Media Workflow Creation

Discover how Norsk’s innovative technologies can streamline complex media workflows with features like dynamic source switching, picture-in-picture, data overlays, and multi-language audio, turning months into days or weeks.

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Adrian Roe on Streaming Innovations webinar
Adrian Roe
CEO, id3as
Jeroen Krouwels on Streaming Innovations webinar
Jeroen Krouwels
Hihaho interactive video

Online Interactive Video Streaming

Jeroen Krouwels explores the capabilities of an ultra-scalable SaaS solution for interactive on-demand and live video streaming, highlighting current possibilities and discussing future developments with A.I..

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Digital Accessibility with Responsible AI

In this presentation, Frans Olsthoorn discusses leveraging AI to ensure the exponential growth of digital content accessibility while prioritizing customer data privacy.

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Frans Olsthoorn on Streaming Innovations webinar
Frans Olsthoorn
CEO, Scriptix
Stefan Oude Wesselink on Streaming Innovations webinar
Stefan Oude Wesselink
of Opt Out Advertising

Matching Publishers and Advertisers in a Privacy-Friendly Way

In this keynote, Stefan Oude Wesselink shares innovative ways to monetize streaming content in a privacy-friendly way and the steps that need to be taken to be compliant, both from an advertiser and publisher perspective.

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30 Years of Innovation: What’s Next?

Delve into the current state of streaming technology and trends for 2024 with Stef van der Ziel, a seasoned streaming expert, as he provides insightful reflections on industry developments, key milestones, and expert predictions for disruptive innovations transforming the streaming landscape.

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Stef van der Ziel on Streaming Innovations webinar
Stef van der Ziel
CEO, Jet-Stream

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