Secure streaming.

Manage who can access your streams.

• Password Protection
• Geofencing
• URL signing
• DRM Encryption
• Data security

Password protected streams. Protect video.

Password protect.

Click, enter a password and save. Manage passwords per video and per stream, in real-time.

Privacy Player Pro and Jet-Stream Cloud actively block access to anyone who doesn’t know the password.

Password protection is enforced to prevent deep-linking. You’re in access control. Watch this demo video.


Have you licensed content for a specific country or region? Do you want to shield access or limit traffic in specific countries?

Select a country group and geo-fence individual videos and streams. Real-time, regardless the dynamic mix of used CDNs.

Create custom country groups. Remove and add countries in one click. Upload a custom ‘access denied’ video.

You’re in control. Jet-Stream Cloud takes care of the shielding. Watch the geo fencing demo video.

Geo fence video streams.


Secure streams.

Secure each video and stream in real-time by adding a password or by enabling geo-fencing.

You can combine passwords and geofencing too. Click and protect, we take care of the enforcement.


Sign URLs.

Lock individual videos and streams. Use your private key to generate unique tokens. Manage from your portal who can watch what and why. Combine with geofencing, everything works regardless the video player.



Jet-Stream Cloud offers AES, Widevine, Playready, FairPlay DRM encryption and licensing services. Combine password protection, geo-fencing, URL signing and DRM encryption per video per stream.

URL signing is smart.

Lock individual videos and streams, even your own origins, in real-time. Use your private key to generate unique tokens. Manage from your portal who can watch what, when and why. Protect your revenue streams.

stream url signing. Signed URL. Protect revenue streams.

Easy, smart & powerful.

Locking and signing is a powerful and user friendly way of managing access, without the need for complex and expensive Digital Rights Management encryption and licensing.

Custom access denied message.

You can upload a custom video, in your own tone of voice and brand image, that tells your audience that access was denied.

Multi-CDN tokens.

Your tokens are validated by our active load balancers. These create new tokens to the mix of CDNs, so your media is safe in a Multi-CDN setup too.

Preview password.

You can set an optional password so anyone with the password can preview locked streams in Privacy Player Pro, a great extra for testing and debugging.

Read how easy it is to generate tokens.

Secure streams with jet-stream. Secure cloud. AES encrypted streaming. FairPlay DRM. Playready DRM. Widevine DRM. Multi-DRM.

Streaming security.

Cloud security

All your viewers connect to Jet-Stream Cloud using encrypted connections. This protects their privacy and it guarantees that streams work in encrypted apps and websites. It’s always on, by default. DDoS protection is built into the network to guarantee service availability.

Media protection & DRM.

Your media is protected in the secure Jet-Stream Cloud, hosted in the EU. You can upload and upstream your media using encrypted connections. Jet-Stream Cloud is DRM enabled. You can combine AES encryption, and Digital Rights Management from FairPlay, PlayReady and Widevine. Next to that you can run your own license servers and use your own DRM enabled video players.

Mix security technologies.

Combine geofencing, URL signing and DRM encryption, per title, per stream, per origin. You have full control over security: easy, smart & expert.

Certified network and operations

Jet-Stream’s network and its operations services are both ISO 27001 (information security) and NEN 7510 (health care information security) certified.

You’re in control who can watch which streams.

One more thing.

Data security.

Security is not just about managing who can and cannot access your videos and streams.

Security is also about who can access your data. Logs and analytics, for instance.

Logs and analytics can contain personal data, which you must protect under Europe’s GDPR law.

Logs and analytics also contain competitive sensitive data, such as your popular channels, titles, programming, audience and advertisers.

We protect your data, your audience and your business. All your data is stored in and protected by the secure Jet-Stream Cloud. Your data is your data.

Read more about data protection.

Data protection. Secure media.
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