Secure streaming

Manage who can access your media per request. Prevent deep-linking.

Secure your streams.

Easy: Set a password per individual video or stream. The media is immediately protected. Jet-Stream Cloud prevents anyone without the password from accessing your videos and streams.

Smart: lock individual videos and live streams in real-time. Use the private key to generate tokens. Sign the URL per request. Now you can manage who can watch, on which portal, and why.

Jet-Stream Cloud enforces, you decide.

Pro tips: You can combine locking and password protection. Users without a valid token need to enter the password. You can also combine locking and password protection with the built-in geo-fencing service.

Expert: Automate security using the developer API. Jet-Stream Cloud always uses encrypted connections to all viewers, regardless the security settings. You can also upload and upstream DRM protected media to our origins and run your own license servers.

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