Advanced packaging for content localisation

Advanced Packaging

Localise your media content per title, per request or per device, ensuring seamless playback anywhere in the world.

• Multilingual subtitles
• Multilingual audio
• Bitrate control
• Content security

You Are in Control

You Are in Control


Customize packaging per title, per request and per device.


Mux multilingual video, audio, and subtitles per viewer and per title.

Smart Delivery

Hide bit rates, codecs and HDR for low end devices.

Quality Control

Manage bit rates to limit costs & 4K access to premium subscribers.

Content Protection

Enable real-time encryption for DRM per title, per request.

Play Anywhere

Package to DASH, HLS, Smooth; TS, CMAF.

Fast Loading

Configure the chunk size for each asset.

Live Control

Live adjust manifest configuration with advanced parameters.

Create Multiple Publications per Asset

– Enable multi-language audio track selection per request.
– Enable per request which subtitles are packaged.
– Manage per request which video bit rates are packaged.
– Manage which video tracks are packaged with which language.

We were very happy to collaborate with Jet-Stream on their advanced packaging solution. By integrating our technology, Jet-Stream empowers broadcasters and OTT providers with high flexibility and control. Now, delivering a fully personalized viewing experience for every viewer, in any language, on any device, is effortless.”

—Dirk Griffioen, cofounder, Unified Streaming

Dynamic Publishing

Adjust your packages on the fly using URL filters or SMIL/ISM.

URL filters

Use URL filters to disable tracks per request for simpler scenarios where you want to exclude specific content based on pre-defined rules (e.g., hiding high bitrate options for low-bandwidth connections).


For more complex situations requiring dynamic selection at playback time (e.g., user choosing their preferred language), use SMIL/ISM to disable tracks per request.

And receive access to Jet-Stream Cloud resources, redundant packaging, VOD Matrix service and 1TB packaging traffic per month included.

*Requires Jet-Stream Enterprise or higher plan.