MaelStrom Live

• Pro cloud transcoder.
• Intuitive web interface.
• Per stream customizable.
• 4K broadcast grade.
• Auto scene optimization.
• From €0,005 / minute.
• One frame latency.
• 89% less energy.
• Reduces operations costs.
• 99.999% resilience.

MaelStrom Live
cloud transcoder

MaelStrom Live is the professional cloud-based live transcoder, built-in Jet-Stream Cloud. It offers an innovative solution for live streaming by taking your source stream and transcoding it into multiple qualities, ranging from mobile to 4K quality.  

Live streaming and video platform pipeline cloud.

MaelStrom Live is the winner of the 2023 Streaming Media Innovation Awards for best Transcoding Solution.

Up to 4K adaptive

99.999% uptime

1 frame latency

Easy, Smart, Expert

Full control over quality and costs


89% smaller energy footprint


From €0,005 per output minute

Modern transcoding stack

MaelStrom is a hybrid software and hardware cloud-based solution for efficient transcoding. Each transcoding process operates in its own container and is automatically initiated, restarted, and terminated as necessary. With the aid of hardware accelerators, MaelStrom can deliver ultra-low-latency transcoding. It introduces only a slight delay of a few hundred milliseconds while ensuring broadcast-grade picture quality. It consumes 89% less energy compared to CPU-based encoders.

“Professional streaming organizations need higher quality encoding and more control over costs and qualities per stream. Managing these was a pain. Finally, there is a service that lets you fully manage costs and qualities per title, up to 4K, with low latency, in the easiest interface we have yet seen. It’s great to see customers adopt the service.”

Stef van der Ziel, CEO Jet-Stream


Another way to start live transcoding is by selecting a live transcoding profile when setting up a new live stream or by adding a transcoding profile for existing streams. Once your RTMP, RTSP or SRT encoder is connected, the stream will automatically undergo transcoding into the specified bit rates in the profile, making it available as a new streaming publishing point without any manual intervention required.

Live transcoding your stream


Create a personalized transcoding profile and include a set of optimized bit rates for the transcoding ladder on a per-live stream basis. Simply start the encoder, and you’re all set. Have full control over the number of bit rates, their respective qualities, as well as the associated costs for transcoding, storage, and traffic on a per-stream basis.

live encoding bit rates


Live transcoding - Live Stream Wizard

Both the original single-bit rate stream and the multi-bit rate transcoded stream are available as individual live streams, allowing you to preview, compare and publish each one separately. Additionally, you can password-protect, geo-fence and lock each stream independently.

Scene optimization

MaelStrom Live adjusts bandwidth according to picture complexity, optimizing the balance between quality and bandwidth. It increases resources and bandwidth for action scenes with high motion and detailed pictures while reducing the bit rate for monotonous scenes, all while maintaining picture quality. This saves storage and traffic costs.

MaelStrom live transcoding adjusts bandwidth according to picture complexity

Broadcast grade resilience

The process of transcoding is contained within individual containers for every session. Therefore, in the unlikely event of a container crash, the transcoding process is immediately restarted without interrupting the stream’s buffer. The system also automatically transcodes redundant live origin streams to guarantee a highly resilient path from the encoder to the CDNs. Even in the event of an encoder drop, the transcoding job will continue to wait for the encoder to reconnect.

Green solution

How many green live transcoders do you know? Powered by Jet-Stream Cloud, which runs on green energy, MaelStrom Live is not only an efficient solution but also environmentally conscious. Moreover, with hardware acceleration, energy usage is decreased by an impressive 89%. Thus, positioning MaelStrom Live as one of the most environmentally friendly options for live transcoding currently offered in the market.

Cheaper than competition

With MaelStrom Live you don’t need to purchase expensive encoding hardware or software as our built-in 4K live cloud encoder is free. Our pay-as-you-go rates start at just €0,02 per output minute for events. And our capped rates for 24/7 live channels start at €0,005 per output minute, allowing you to save up to 75% in transcoding costs. Enjoy full control over bit rates, qualities, and costs per stream with Jet-Stream.