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Live encoding.

Professional video encoding.

• OnAir 4K cloud encoder
• On Air SDK
• Your encoders
• Redundant encoding
• Passthrough & transcoding
• Expert webcast support

Introducing OnAir 4K.

OnAir is a professional cloud encoder that lets you stream live up to 4K quality, straight from your browser

OnAir is a professional cloud encoder that lets you stream live up to 4K quality, straight from your browser. Zero install, zero config.

Offer professional live streaming to reporters, teachers, gamers, co-workers, musicians, sporters, even your boss.

Glass-to-glass adaptive streaming latency is just 10 seconds.
Broadcast and publish, there is no step three. Watch the demo video.

Proudly developed for you, by the inventors of streaming.

Stream your webinar, event, music, festival, congress live from any browser to any device.


OnAir 4K.

Login, start a stream and webcast in a few clicks. Zero install, zero config: high quality streaming for non-technical staff.

Cloud encoder.

OnAir 4K is a cloud service that turns Chrome, Edge, Firefox and Safari into a professional livestream encoder.

Professional sources.

Use your built-in mic and webcam or connect professional cameras and studio mixers to your laptop.

Professional streaming.

4K capturing, high quality transcoding, Multi-CDN adaptive streaming, a professional HTML5 video player, and realtime statistics are built-in.


OnAir SDK.

Let your users stream live in a single click from your portals and apps by integrating the OnAir SDK into your services.

New use cases.

Start a live sports instructions platform. Launch a live e-learning service. Share revenues with sports instructors, teachers and experts.

Third party networks.

Build and monetize a streaming service that lets gamers stream live to Twitch, YouTube and other platforms.

Build a live studio.

Enhance OnAir with source switching, overlays and scenes to create a powerful live studio in the browser.


Your own encoders.

Setup your own hardware and software live encoders:

Jet-Stream Cloud supports many encoders out of the box, including OBS, Wirecast, vMix, Elemental, LiveU, Atem, Kiloview, Teradek, TriCaster, Haivision and many others.

HLS, Dash, webdav, http adaptive live streaming.

Upstream redundant HLS and DASH streams via professional protocols.


Jet-Stream Cloud automatically transmuxes your RTMP and RTSP streams to HLS and DASH streams.

Listen to this.

HLS and DASH are hot, but for radio, Icecasting is necessary too. Icecast is built-in!

Cloud live encoder, software encoder, hardware encoder. 4K streaming services.

Streaming the
Eurovision Song Contest.

OnAir 4K is easier than video platforms.
The pro live streaming encoder features are also easier to use than with cloud media services.

Your encoders: connect and go.

Your encoders, your quality.

Use your professional hardware and software encoders to setup HLS, DASH, RTMP, RTSP, webdav, Icecast and HTTP pull livestreams on the Jet-Stream live stream platform. Use OBS, Wirecast, vMix, Elemental, LiveU, Atem, Kiloview, Teradek, TriCaster, Haivision and many others.

What goes in, comes out.

On Jet-Stream Cloud you can transparently passthrough your streams to viewers unaltered, so they can watch your broadcast in the original sparkling quality, with all the details at low latency. Great for the most demanding live use cases.

Professional transcoding.

Personalize livestream transcoding profiles to manage adaptive bit rates up to 4K and tune the transcoding for sports quality, or for low latency streaming.

streaming platform alternative.
Video platform alternative.

The show must go on.

CDN uptime. Multi CDN.

Redundant live encoding.

Upstream your streams twice to Jet-Stream Cloud. In the case of an outage, Jet-Stream Cloud seamlessly rolls over to the secondary source.

The streaming cloud.

Jet-Stream Cloud is a purpose-built streaming cloud, offering extreme uptime and performance for your mission critical live streams.


Your audience is dynamically load balanced over multiple CDNs for geographic performance, uptime and scale.


Who you gonna call if your stream fails?

Jet-Stream invented live streaming in 1994, when we produced our first webcast. We have the most experience in the industry.

Our live event hotline experts help you with configuring your encoders, testing your connections and the entire chain from source, connections, intake, origins, global CDNs, security, and player.

Our expert event streaming engineers can be 24/7 standby to monitor your mission critical live events.

Live event support. Livestream experts.