Setup a live RTMP stream

See how easy it is to setup a RTMP or RTSP live stream, from professional encoders.

RTMP and RTSP live streaming.

Add RTMP and RTSP live publishing points in a single click.

Easy, smart & expert: Enter a name, save and copy the encoder details.

Stream live from professional hardware and software RTMP encoders including OBS, Wirecast, Vmix, OBS, Wirecast, vMix, Elemental, LiveU, Atem, Kiloview, Teradek, TriCaster, Haivision and many others. Connect to RTSP webcams in a single click, too.

You can send one bit rate stream. We will pass this stream in its original quality to your audience, realtime transmuted to a widely supported HLS or DASH stream. You can send multiple bit rates too. We will then automatically create an adaptive HTTP streams from your source streams. You can use our cloud-based transcoding service: send one high quality stream, and we automatically add the additional bit rates that you prefer. You are in full control of your quality.

Redundant streaming is built-in. To ensure buffer-free, high available live streams, you setup two encoders, use different upstream connections. If anything happens to your first path, Jet-Stream Cloud automatically rolls over to the secondary path, without the viewers noticing.

Learn more about OnAir 4K and live encoding here.