Maelstrom Transcoding.

• Hybrid solution
• For adaptive streaming
• Video transcoding
• Live transcoding
• Up to 4K quality
• Personalized profiles
• Save €7 million in 5 years

Cloud encoder. Cloud transcoder.

Transcoding for adaptive bit rate live and on-demand streaming

Maelstrom Transcoder.

Maelstrom is a high-quality video transcoder and live stream transcoder, built into Jet-Stream Cloud. With its powerful combination of modern cloud technologies and the efficiency of hardware acceleration, MaelStrom ensures that you experience the best from both worlds. Your source is converted into multiple qualities, for HTTP adaptive bit rate video streaming and live streaming. You pay per minute output, no reservation slots needed.

Live and on-demand video 4K and 8K adaptive bit rate streaming encoder and transcoder.

A little history.

When we streamed our first event in 1994, our postage stamp-sized HTTP streams were frame rate adaptive: the faster your modem, the higher your frame rate. Fast forward to the golden age of streaming: today you can stream in ultra high-definition quality, at high frame rates, thanks to adaptive bit rate streaming technology and the performance of Jet-Stream Cloud.

Easy, Smart, Expert: you’re in control.

“I found the transcoding interface very straightforward. If you add a transcoding profile, you’ll see prices per minute associated with the preset you’ve chosen.”

Nadine Krefetz, Streaming Media Magazine

Reach new heights

Traditional setups falter when scaling up. A regular rack of 32 amp hours exhausts its power just transcoding about 200 full HD channels. At the same time, MaelStrom’s hardware acceleration amp up your capability, enabling up to a mind-blowing 2,400 channels to run concurrently. Scale seamlessly and enjoy unmatched efficiency.


Drag and drop to encode a video. Start an OnAir livestream in a single click. Multiple qualities of your media are generated automatically, HTTP adaptively streamed by Jet-Stream Cloud and played back by Privacy Player Pro. Click and stream, there is no step 3.


Create custom on-demand and live transcoding profiles in real-time, to support multiple use case, control qualities and costs. Select adaptive video bit rates, up to 4K. Decide if you want to mix in your original 4K, 6K and even 8K source file as the highest bit rate. Manage your qualities, your workflows, and your costs. See this demo video.


Use the API to create custom transcoding profiles. Batch ingest videos automatically. Set up livestream publishing points and manage live transcoding profiles per stream. Transcode and encrypt video live stream yourself, using a software encoder or a hardware encoder, upload your videos and upstream your live streams in multiple bit rates directly to Jet-Stream origin servers. Or connect your own origin servers in a single click. Jet-Stream Cloud will serve out your media in their original pristine quality, up to 8K.

Time to unleash massive savings

Now, you might be thinking, ” This has got to cost a fortune?”. Well, it’s quite the opposite. Imagine slashing your costs by up to 75%! Here’s a fun fact – if you’re into transcoding 80 Full HD channels over 5 years, you could save 7 million euros compared to AWS. So, while you’re thinking big, your bills? Not so much!

Embrace the greener tomorrow

Ever wished for a tech solution that’s as kind to the environment as it is efficient? We are here to grant that wish. Thanks to hardware acceleration MaelStrom ensures a colossal 89% reduction in power usage for each channel. It’s all about going green while staying powerful!

Video encoding.
Live stream transcoding.