Upload and transcode videos

See how easy it is to upload and have full control over the quality of your videos.

Upload and transcode videos.

Easy: Drag and drop a video on a transcoding profile, and you’re done. High quality adaptive multi bit rate videos are automatically created, up to 4K.

Smart: create personal transcoding profiles and manage quality and costs per video. You can use your source video as the highest bit rate, up to 8K.

Expert: upload your transcoded videos directly to our origin servers. Your media is served in its original quality to your audience.

The integrated origin services of Jet-Stream Cloud are engineered to support 8K quality streaming. Multiple bit rates of your videos are automatically grouped into logical assets. Videos are transmuxed to adaptive HTTP bit rate streams in real-time.

Looking to batch automate uploading and transcoding? That’s supported too, via easy drop boxes on various protocols.

All your videos are transcoded inside Jet-Stream Cloud, protecting your privacy, and are powered by green energy.

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