video for commerce

Video for commerce.

• Boost engagement and conversion
• Demonstrate product features effectively
• Build trust and credibility
• Reduce product returns
• Increase website traffic

Video brings your product to life

As an e-commerce business, you understand the importance of engaging your audience and showcasing your products in the best possible way. No other medium conveys emotion and information as well as video. The better your audience understands your story, your product and your services, the more engaged they are, and more likely to take action.


When a human brain views a video, it retains 95% of a message as against 10% retention while reading. According to a study by Forrester, a video is worth 1.8 million words.


For brands, it is key to communicate with your audience via video rather than textual or static content. Studies report that 2/3 of people are visual learners. 84% of consumers make their final decision to buy a product or a service as a direct result of watching a video.


The probability of a viewer hitting a video button is 27 times higher than a static image. Over 80% of viewers are more probable to take any action in the favor of a brand after viewing a video.

The three-step video strategy for

In a professional video strategy, use a mix of social video platforms and a professional online video platform, such as Jet-Stream.

  1. Post fun short stories on social video platforms to increase your brand awareness and reach.
  2. Then entice people to your own site, where you can further engage them with your story and your products.
  3. Here you inform them, and immediately offer them the opportunity to contact you or make a purchase.

The benefits of a professional online video platform for e-commerce


You want to immerse your visitors in a unified experience, where the video player fully blends into the design of your brand. Thanks to the dynamic branding capabilities of Jet-Stream’s free and built-in HTML5 video player, the video experience comes across professionally on any device, contributing to brand perception, engagement, quality perception and trust.

Branded player for commercial videos
The best quality of video experience for commerce


Consumers click away videos that don’t load quickly after only 1-2 seconds. Videos that start instantaneously, don’t falter and show your story, your products and services up to 4K quality, even in 360° VR, anywhere in the world, increase consumer engagement with your product. Thanks to Jet-Stream’s own streaming cloud, high-quality adaptive video streaming and global coverage up to and including China, you are guaranteed the best quality of experience and the highest possible engagement.


How do you entice people during or after a video to take action? Jet-Stream’s built-in HTML5 player allows you to dynamically place interactive web elements on top of each video. This can be information that you sync with the video. It can be a call-to-action button (“buy now,” “special offer,” or “contact us”). You can also sync your website with the video so that you show products and offers, which are currently shown in the video. Anything to entice the viewer to take action.

Increased conversion for e-commerce thanks to the usage of call-to-action buttons.


What are the most popular videos? Which video format converts better for e-commerce? How long do people watch? When do they drop out? This is crucial data to measure engagement and conversion. Jet-Stream captures every view in detail, and reports this data in a powerful visual overview, with reliable data. You can also import and link our data, so you can oversee video usage and site usage in one system, and measure conversion and the effectiveness of campaigns through it.


The built-in professional HTML5 video player loads and plays videos at lightning speed, with easy-to-use buttons for playback, volume, rewind, fullscreen, picture-in-picture, Airplay and Chromecast. You can customize these buttons, or replace them entirely.

Video player
Jet-Stream offers support for multilingual audio and subtitles for your video.


Chances are your audience is international. That’s why we offer extensive support for multilingual audio and multilingual subtitles. We even have links to AI systems that can automatically create subtitles and transcripts for you. This is also useful for your SEO.


Jet-Stream’s built-in VMS lets you manage metadata such as title, description, and keywords. This data can be automatically placed on your site, next to or below each video, so search systems index the data.

Let’s act.

Don’t wait any longer to start using the power of video for your e-commerce business. Sign up for our B2B Video Hosting and Live Streaming platform today and start showcasing your products in the best possible way.

Secure streams with jet-stream. Secure cloud. AES encrypted streaming. FairPlay DRM. Playready DRM. Widevine DRM. Multi-DRM.

Protect your business

Content protection

Secure connections, download prevention, anti-deep-linking protection and geo-fencing technologies make sure that your precious videos can only be watched on your site and app, and nowhere else.

Data protection.

Your media is protected in the secure Jet-Stream Cloud, hosted in the EU. You can upload and upstream your media using encrypted connections. Jet-Stream Cloud is DRM transparent. You can use AES encryption, and Digital Rights Management from FairPlay, PlayReady and Widevine. Next to that you can run your own license servers and use your own DRM-enabled video players.

Mix security technologies.

You want to prevent social video platforms from learning more about viewing and buying behaviour than you do and offering your competitors advantages based on your viewing habits. At Jet-Stream, your viewing behaviour data is yours and is never shared with third parties. We are an EU company, with EU infrastructure and are fully GDPR compliant, making your video service compliant with strict legislation.

Lead protection.

You invest a lot of time and money in generating leads to your website. You then don’t want a social platform video to then draw your visitors away to their platform, where your competitors are waiting for them. Jet-Stream actively protects you: viewers only watch with you, and nowhere else.

Recommendation engine

At the end of each video, keywords can be used to suggest other videos from you, so that the viewer does not drop out and leave, but starts watching more videos, from you, on your site, increasing their engagement with your brand and your products.

watching video

Have you thought about live video yet?

Nothing comes closer to a real shopping experience than live video. It’s exciting, it feels exclusive, and it converts tremendously. Live product launches are also very popular.

We are happy to talk about the possibilities, such as our 4K studio in your browser, which allows you to stream live, in 4K quality, at the touch of a button.

OnAir 4K for commerce