Transcode live streams

See how easy it is to go live and have full control over the quality of your live streams.

Create and transcode live streams.

Easy: start a livestream straight from your browser using OnAir 4K, which will adapt the bit rates as necessary, up to 4K resolution.

Or choose a profile when setting up a new stream or add one to existing ones. The stream will automatically transcode to the specified bit rates, creating a new publishing point without any manual intervention.

Smart: Make a custom transcoding profile with ideal bit rates for each live stream. Just launch the encoder and you’re done. Control the number of bit rates, their quality, and the costs for transcoding, storage, and traffic per stream.

Expert: Skip our live transcoding and provide your audience with the original stream in its pristine quality, up to 8K. 

Use your own or third-party services to convert video formats or use Jet-Stream MaelStrom Live. The original and converted video streams are viewed and shared separately. And, you can secure them with passwords protection and geo-fencing.

The live transcoding process happens within the Jet-Stream Cloud, ensuring your stream security and data protection. Besides, by choosing MaelStrom Live, you support green solutions and save up to 75% in transcoding costs.

Learn more about MaelStrom Live here.