Connect a remote origin server.

Add your own vod and live origin servers to Jet-Stream Cloud.

Add your origin servers.

Jet-Stream provides powerful and redundant integrated origin services.

Some use cases require you to add and mix remote content into your workflow.

Easy, smart & expert: Integrate remote servers, and publish large libraries and hundreds of live streams in a single click. Enter the remote server URL and save.

Connect HTTP origin servers such as third party clouds, Wowza servers, Unified Streaming servers and CDNs.

Whether you have a single bit rate or multi bit rate HTTP adaptive videos and streams, Jet-Stream Cloud will instantly serve it out via its built-in Airflow Multi CDN system. Progressive downloads are supported too.

Redundant streaming is built-in: simply add a secondary origin server.

Don’t worry about all the load or traffic of these CDNs: Jet-Stream Cloud acts as a caching shield, offloading your infrastructure.

You are in full control of manifest and chunk caching headers, we will respect these.

Learn more about streaming here.