Set up tv channels via MaelStrom OTT

See how easy it is to convert cable or satellite signals to high quality adaptive OTT streams.

Use MaelStrom OTT
(prev. Deep Edge OTT)

The ultimate solution for converting TS, SRT, and RTMP formats to adaptive OTT HLS and DASH video streams of up to 4K quality

Easy, smart & expert: Switch on the machine, configure the channels and you are live – all without any extra steps or complications.

Our ultra-dense and scalable OTT appliance can convert up to 80 Full HD channels and deliver your content to up to 10,000 concurrent viewers, without the need for an internet uplink. And if you need even more channels to convert, no problem! You can group multiple systems into a cluster to expand your capabilities even further.

Choose our OTT appliance today and save up to 72% on investment costs and 89% on energy with our revolutionary technology.

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