Airflow Multi CDN

See how you can take full control over Multi CDN distribution and optimise performance globally.

Manage Multi CDN distribution.

Easy: The built-in Multi CDN monitors, content steering, load balancers and algorithms automatically scale up capacity and optimise your streams geographically per individual user request. It chooses the lowest cost route, while guaranteeing uptime and performance.

Smart: But what if you want to take over control? The Jet-StreamOS cockpit lets you manage geo distribution over Multiple CDNs in a single click. Enforced, and real-time, (we’re not using DNS).

Click distribute, select the mix of CDNs, and instantly your video or live stream is distributed over the CDNs of your choice. After a while, the automatic algorithms automatically take over again.

Expert: use your own performance monitors and use the Airflow Multi CDN API to load balance individual viewers, per video, per stream, per request to any CDN that you prefer.

We automated everything: cache flushing, access control and log processing, for instance. You have full control over distribution, performance, uptime and costs, thanks to Jet-Stream Airflow Multi CDN.

Have you ever seen such an easy and powerful Multi CDN service? It’s integrated, and available for free with Jet-Stream Cloud.

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