Akamai Technologies and Jet-Stream have signed a strategic partnership that allows both parties to capitalize on multiple trends in the streaming industry: 

1) Streaming Workflow Automation in Akamai’s ecosystem.

Akamai offers its customers a large network of vendors to set up streaming services with on Akamai’s cloud service. However, integrating and building a workflow of streaming components such as encoding, packaging, origination, multi-CDN and analytics is still complex and expensive manual work. 

With the addition of Jet-Stream’s Mix workflow orchestration & automation solution in Akamai’s cloud media ecosystem, complex streaming pipelines can be configured and optimized in minutes. 

Also, a wide range of components such as encoders, transcoders, packagers, origins, CDNs, players and analytics can be easily integrated both through a no-coding web interface and modern APIs. 

This collaboration saves customers substantially in start-up and operational costs.

2) Multi-Cloud resilience for extreme availability.

Over the past year, the streaming industry has been rocked by the removal or phasing out of various streaming cloud services and CDNs, resulting in costly migrations for customers. This has caused many parties with highly mission-critical streaming operations to rethink their vendor strategy and have turned to a multi-vendor strategy. 

Designing, building and managing a multi-cloud environment is complex. Akamai and Jet-Stream’s collaboration anticipates this and simplifies a multi-cloud vendor strategy, allowing customers to enjoy extremely high availability, independence, portability, affordability and manageability.

3) Cloud offloading

Jet-Stream Cloud is a media-streaming purpose built cloud. 

The integration of Akamai Cloud into Jet-Stream Cloud gives Jet-Stream customers access to increased capacity and backup capability for storage, origination, transcoding, packaging and origin shielding. The partnership allows Jet-Stream Cloud to offload peak capacity for such things as transcoding and analytics to Akamai’s Cloud.

4) Akamai CDN services in Jet-Stream’s Mix

With Akamai CDN being integrated into Jet-Stream’s Airflow MultiCDN Mix, your content can be delivered faster and more reliably to your audience, across the globe. It’s all about optimizing the delivery process to ensure your viewers get the best possible experience every time they engage with your content.

“This partnership with Akamai is a huge win for our customers looking for the best-in-class streaming experience,” said Jet-Stream CEO, Stef van der Ziel. “By combining our innovative streaming solutions with Akamai’s cloud compute platform and CDN, we can achieve new levels of scale, performance, and reliability and Akamai customers benefit with lower costs, reduced time and less headaches for creating bespoke streaming workflows.”

“As Akamai and Jet-Stream join forces in an innovative strategic partnership. With Akamai Connected Cloud’s extensive global network boasting 4100 points of presence, the recent launch of Akamai Gecko sites brings unparalleled proximity of compute to both media businesses and users alike. This partnership is set to redefine performance standards for media workflow-based applications, elevating user experiences to new heights” said Akamai’s Regional Vice President Hans Nipshagen . “Jet-Stream’s award-winning media workflow solution, will seamlessly integrate Akamai’s Connected Cloud, and Media Workflows Partner Solutions, unlocking unprecedented potential and setting the stage for a transformative era in digital content delivery”.