Streaming has revolutionized the way we watch sports, providing convenient and easy access to a wide range of events from around the world. Here are the top 10 reasons why streaming is strategic for sports:

1. Streaming is strategic:

Sports on the field is about sports. All the rest in sports is about marketing. Marketing today is done online, and online marketing is video. Streaming is therefore a key strategic pillar for any sports club and league.

2. Scale:

Nothing beats watching a game in real life, but there is a global audience out there that you can service and entertain. Nothing comes closer to a live experience than (live video), especially streaming.

3. Direct access to your fans:

Streaming allows sports clubs and leagues to directly engage with their fans. This is not only great for your sports and the fans, but streaming also enables you to offer tickets, season tickets, merchandise, and online services. Streaming engages and drives revenues.

4. Better sponsor opportunities:

Streaming enables direct access to fans, which is very interesting for sponsors. You can offer sponsors much greater branding opportunities, generate leads for them and create more value for sponsors than ever before. Streaming drives sponsor revenues.

5. Convenience:

Streaming allows sports fans to watch your events anywhere, at any time. This means that even if you’re not near a TV or don’t have a cable subscription, they can still keep up with the latest games and matches. Every living room, bus stop, and (yes even the) bathroom becomes a grandstand so they will never miss out on the action and stay engaged with your brand and your sports.

6. More content options:

Streaming enables you to offer a wider range of content, including live games, highlights, interviews, behind-the-scenes content, and replays. This means your fans can watch their favorite team or athlete, or discover new sports and events from around the world. Streaming lets you manage which content you offer for free, behind a login wall, or as a pay-per-view or subscription service.

7. Quality:

Streaming technology has come a long way in recent years and now offers high-quality video and audio for a more immersive viewing experience. You can also offer multiple camera angles, so your fans can get a better view of the action.

8. Coverage:

Streaming allows you to distribute sports content that may not be available on traditional TV, such as international competitions or niche sports, behind-the-scenes material and exclusive content.

9. Statistics:

Real-time stats and data are a valuable resource for sports clubs and leagues looking to get a deeper understanding of the interests of their audiences and trends, so they can optimize the offered content.

10. Ownership:

Own the brand, own the streams, own the data: streaming lets you launch your own club or league-branded video service, which strengthens your brand. By controlling the streams, you control the quality and have direct access to your fans, and nobody else. By controlling the data, you have exclusive insights into the interests of your fans, and trends. This data is invaluable, and key to a successful online strategy.

Why Jet-Stream streaming for sports?

1) Experience.

We invented streaming when we produced our first webcast in 1994. We have the most experience in streaming technologies, innovation, operation, use cases, business cases and strategy. And we are the streaming partner for the most demanding sports clubs and leagues in football, ice hockey, horse racing, basketball, tennis, hockey, and many more.

2) Global scale.

Jet-Stream operates its own streaming cloud, which integrates 8 global CDNs for ultimate availability, performance, and scale. Deliver your live streams and videos to a global audience of millions and millions. The world is your stadium.

3) Deliver to any device.

Jet-Stream uses the latest technologies in streaming, enabling you to turn any modern device into a grandstand, whether it’s a TV, tablet, laptop, or smartphone. Our free unlimited HTML5 player lets you engage with your fans with interactive services including dynamic overlays with call-to-actions for interactivity, tickets, subscriptions, paid services, and merchandise.

4) Branding.

Create immersive video experiences for your club or your sponsors, by branding our HTML5 player to match your brand or that of your sponsors. Create custom controls, brand the player with your colors, create branded and sponsored poster images, even the play button can be customized.

5) Live, live to vod, DVR, vod.

Jet-Stream lets you offer your media in any format, from live streaming matches, to automatically recorded matches, on-demand videos, and DVR replay services. Host podcasts and launch club radio services, all in one powerful platform.

6) Monetization.

Create appealing sponsored videos and live streams, generate leads for sponsors, generate leads for your club, sell merchandise, offer exclusive content to fans either behind login walls or paywalls, thanks to Jet-Stream’s player and security technologies.

7) Extreme High Definition.

Jet-Stream Cloud supports up to 60fps 8K streaming, 360° virtual reality streaming, surround sound, multi-language streaming, out of the box. High-quality transcoding services offer your audiences the highest quality of experience, across the world, regarding their connection or device.

8) TCO control and workflow automation, orchestration.

Streaming can be complex technology. Standard video platforms will limit you in your workflows, use cases and business cases. Jet-Stream’s platform is easier to use, yet smarter. It lets you tune every step in the workflow and mix and integrate with third-party services, so you can start small on a tight budget, and grow along with your audiences and your ambitions, without the need for migrations or expensive IT staff.

9) Data.

Jet-Stream provides you with real-time insights into audience behavior, and your data is yours. Instantly see your reach, most popular content, play time, geographies, and devices. Deep dive into user sessions, trends and generate reports. Connect additional analyzers to our real-time data pipeline for ultimate insights and control over your strategic data. GDPR compliant.

10) Ownership.

Jet-Stream lets you own your brand, your streams, and your data. You have full control over your marketing, your monetization, your fans, your quality, your data, and your costs. We are the strategic streaming partner for sports.

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