The scalable platform

With Jet-Stream you can start small and then conquer the world. We use scalable software, automation and architectures. If your demands grow, we are ready.

Tiered platform: RAM serving and MultiCDN
The Jet-Stream platform is tiered. We have separate layers for longtail and popular content. Long tail content is served from 4K UHD broadcast performance storage clusters. Popular content is automatically served from RAM, which ensures your content can be viewed by ten thousands of people concurrently, without loss of quality or performance. Through MultiCDN we deliver your content globally, for millions of viewers.

Realtime content popularity tracking
Our intelligent platform keeps track of the popularity of each individual live stream and video, and adapts load balancing over our delivery tiers. We built this software to accommodate thousands customers, with millions assets, and billions of viewers.

Separated data and control planes
The Jet-Stream platform is designed with the latest insights in modern architectures. We separated the control plane (where all the magic happens) and the delivery infrastructure. This allows us to scale delivery capacity on the fly, without affecting uptime. It also allows us to introduce new features on the fly, also without any stream disruption. A major benefit for you is that all settings are effective in real-time.

Deep Multi-CDN integration
To achieve ultimate scalability, we deeply integrated the Jet-Stream platform with leading global CDNs. We control access, cache flushing, logging and much more through their APIs, which turns the Jet-Stream platform into a unified MultiCDN control center: all powerful Jet-Stream features work, regardless the dynamic mix of underlying CDNs. One platform to rule them all.

MultiCDN dynamic load balancing
When Multi-CDN is enabled for your account, The Jet-Stream platform automatically load balances your viewers globally, geographically over the most optimal mix of global CDNs: our unique algorithm always selects the cheapest CDN, unless it underperforms with a certain ISP. Our load balancing is enforced: no more DNS lag.

The largest CDN in the world
With Multi-CDN enabled, your account runs on the largest Content Delivery Network in the world because we stack the capacity of all the major CDNs on top of each other and dynamically load balance over these networks.