Working with Jet-Stream

A great job in an informal yet ambitious and professional team. Jet-Stream is a pioneer and innovator. We grow fast. We don't just change our industry, we play a key role in how people consume television and video. We scale and professionalize the web for next generation video. That is our drive and ambition. We want you to have the same ambition. We work as a team and we challenge you to improve not just yourself but also ourselves and our company. Good enough is not good enough. We are perfectionists but also realists. Working with Jet-Stream is about ambition and working hard, but also about the joy of innovation, sharing success and happy customers. We work at the highest professional level, but we don't have a formal suit and tie corporate culture. Fly Jet-Stream!

Living in Groningen
The Netherlands is an open society. We have an internationally oriented, open mind. We speak fluent English and many Dutch people speak German, Spanish or French as well. Quality of life is among the highest in the world. Dutch people are friendly, open and direct. The great thing about Groningen is that this doesn't mean that cost of life is high: homes are affordable. You get the best of both worlds: the energy and luxury of the Netherlands, and the space of our region. The average age in Groningen is under 30 so nightlife is exciting. We have many cultural facilities, restaurants and shops. The nature surrounding our city is beautiful: we have forests, lakes, canals, wetlands, heaths and pastures. Municipalities around Groningen are chosen as the best in our country for nature, beautiful homes, facilities, education, health care, economic growth, low crime rates and quality of life in general. We are centrally located: You can be in Germany in less than 30 minutes, in Belgium in three hours. The Groningen airport is just 15 minutes. Amsterdam and Schiphol airport are less than two hours so you can hop in and out of many EU countries within a day.