Jet-Stream Enterprise

  • For 24*7 live, linear and vod streaming
  • Extreme global performance
  • Active Multi-CDN load balancing
  • Workflow automation tools
  • Broadcast grade features
  • Competitive volume rates

“Jet-Stream made the effort to really satisfy our needs. And succeeded!”

Egon verharen Manager R&D, NPO, The Netherlands


€ 0,01 / GB

Go Multi-CDN within a business day – slash costs by 50%

Go MultiCDN within a business day – slash costs by 50%

Turbo boost your streams

No single CDN can guarantee 100% uptime, 100% performance and true global footprint. Jet-Stream introduces the first unified MultiCDN platform to make your streams scream anywhere, all the time. The Jet-Stream platform is deeply integrated with all leading CDNs. Read more…

Multi CDN use cases

Slash your delivery costs up to 50% and deliver the best performing streams, anywhere. Dozens of enthusiastic Jet-Stream customers already use MultiCDN to reduce costs, improve their performance and uptime over using a single CDN. We described the most common use cases. Read more…

Compare: Jet-Stream MultiCDN vs overlay switching

Our customers prefer Jet-Stream Multi CDN over Multi CDN overlay services, because it saves them time, money and headaches. Do you want to see how we stack up against overlay CDN? Check our comparison chart.

Bring your own CDN

Using Jet-Stream MultiCDN enables us to bundle volumes from multiple customers and negotiate much better rates for everyone. If you still have existing contracts with CDNs, we can add these to your MultiCDN mix and further optimise your costs.

Global performance yet 100% European

Privacy first. Jet-Stream is a European company with global performance: your content and data are protected by the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).. Learn more…

Live and on-demand streaming to all popular devices

With Jet-Stream you can deliver your live webcasts, radio channels, tv channels and videos to all popular devices on the web: stream from one source to all popular IOS and Android smartphones, tablets, computers and Airplay and Chromecast devices as well. Learn more…

4K UHD, 360° virtual reality, HTML5, H.265 HEVC

Viewers are more committed if you amaze them with the best quality and the latest features in streaming. With Jet-Stream you are at the edge of innovation with our native support for 4K UHD streaming, virtual reality, native HTML5 support and support for the latest codecs including HEVC.

Advanced video player

The Jet-Stream Video Player offers your viewers the most consistent video experience across all popular devices and browsers. It is designed with and for the most demanding customers and offers expert features including VAST ad management. To comply to the strictest European privacy laws, it has zero trackers, is ultra fast, and best of all: bundled for free without any view limitations!   Learn more…

HTTP adaptive bitrate streaming

With Jet-Stream, your content automatically adapts to the network and screen capabilities of each device. Simply upload MP4 files and setup live streams in multiple bitrates and we automatically output your streams as HLS, DASH, MSS and HDS streams. We can’t wait to see your 4K UHD live streams perform on our platform.

Legacy streaming

Did you know that still more than 20% of online content is streamed to Icecast and Flash players? Jet-Stream supports legacy protocols including icecasting, RTMP, RTSP and MMS streaming, at no extra costs. Regardless the stream or protocol type, modern or legacy, you can manage everything in one unified portal.

Workflow automation for professionals

To accommodate even the most demanding streaming professionals, Jet-Stream is designed as an open platform, allowing you to build your own complex custom workflows around our core. Build or customize third party video players and simply point them to our publishing URLs. Read more about rights management, remote origins, redundant live encoding, granular control, log processing and our APIs.

Intelligent origins

Typically, CDNs and clouds pull content from basic HTTP origin servers. Jet-Stream brings streaming origins to the next level. Our intelligent origins include content analysis, content checksums, encoder status reporting, realtime transmuxing and much more. Learn more…

Broadcast grade security

Secure delivery is the way forward. Jet-Stream is proud to offer advanced secure streaming services. We are agnostic to DRM: encrypt your media using all the popular protection technologies. Learn more about SSL delivery, anti-deep linking, token protection, geo fencing, and rights management. 

Screaming performance

UltraHD (4K) and 360° VR streams are extremely demanding. So we built the highest performing delivery infrastructure to serve your awesome content to audiences across the globe. Learn more about our dynamic tiered platform, RAM content serving, high performance infrastructure, and our unique MultiCDN turbo boost service.

Broadcast grade uptime

The Jet-Stream platform is fully redundant. Locations, caches, databases, servers, backbone connections and even power lines are all outfitted at least twice. We go beyond passive DNS. Learn more about content uptime versus platform uptime and our unique active request routing system.

The scalable platform

Start small and conquer the world. If your demands grow, we are ready for that. Learn more how Jet-Stream dynamically scales for popular content, and how we built the largest CDN in the world.

No hidden costs

Jet-Stream pricing is not just competitive: we are also transparent and like you we don’t like hidden costs. That is why all our advanced features are bundled for free with your account. No caps or slots. All our features are bundled for free. Learn more…

Status reports, statistics and media analytics

Who is watching? Get realtime insights in concurrent viewers and where your audience is. We provide you an advanced online analytics dashboard, so you can track popularity of titles and your audience. Read all about the extensive status reports, realtime statistics and media analytics the Jet-Stream platform provides.

Professional customer support

Since we automated 90% of the most common support questions, you won’t need our support team that often. Thanks to our unified web portal, you don’t have to be an internet expert to use even the most advanced streaming features: just be a media expert. Your developers will love our well documented and feature rich API. If you do need support: you get direct access to senior streaming experts; our customers rank us with an 8.5 for support satisfaction!


Server farms can be extremely power hungry. Data centers can consume as much power as an entire city. Jet-Stream runs powerful yet very energy efficient server farms, in 100% climate neutral data centers, powered solely by wind, hydro and biomass and with energy saving innovations such as all-lights out halls, free air cooling and cold corridors, saving up to 80% energy.

Features, network, tech specs

According to our customers, no other streaming platform or CDN offers so many advanced features and under the hood technologies. Developers love our APIs while non-IT staff have access to all powerful tools in one unified and easy to use cockpit. Get ready to scroll through all our features here. Virtually all features work regardless the mix of CDNs.


€ 0,01 / GB

Go MultiCDN within a business day – slash costs by 50%

Go MultiCDN within a business day – slash costs by 50%

  • Unlimited scalability
  • Global coverage
  • Integrated with all premium CDNs
  • The only load balancing multiCDN
  • Highly adaptable to your requirements

We have a global community of fans, that need to be able to view our streams in the best quality. Even at peak moments. Jet-Stream has been our trusted partner now for years and they have never let us down. 

Mark van Leest
Media manager, Ajax, The Netherlands