Airflow Multi CDN

  • Unified streaming Multi CDN service
  • Reduce Total Cost of Ownership by 50%
  • >99.999% actual content uptime
  • 100% Quality of Experience
  • +100 satisfied customers
  • Streaming workflow automation
  • One vendor, one platform, many CDNs

“Jet-Stream made the effort to really satisfy our needs. And succeeded!”

Egon verharen Manager R&D, NPO, The Netherlands


€ 50%

Go Multi-CDN within a business day – slash costs by 50%

Go MultiCDN within a business day – slash costs by 50%

Jet-Stream Airflow Multi CDN

Streaming is a mission critical service. Streams must always perform, always work, globally. CDNs achieve about 96% actual content availability. The reason? Outages and use of passive DNS.

Thanks to Airflow Multi CDN, our customers achieve 100% actual content availability. Smart algorithms determine in real time and enforced which viewer is served via the most optimal CDN mix. You can also use your own intelligence to determine which CDN is served per title and per live stream.

With over 100 satisfied customers, Jet-Stream Airflow is the leading Multi CDN streaming platform. Airflow offers deep CDN integration, active load balancing, independent monitoring, intelligent algorithms and by far the best workflow automation. Airflow slashes TCO by 50%, guarantees high performance across the globe and makes managing a Multi CDN setup a breeze. Read more…

Airflow Brochure

Airflow Brochure


Request your free copy of the forty pages Airflow Multi CDN brochure:

    Airflow Key figures

    Jet-Stream invented live streaming in 1994. We have over 25 years streaming experience. Airflow Multi CDN was introduced in 2015. In the past five years we enabled Airflow for over 100 customers. Customer satisfaction is 100%. We reduced their Total Cost of Ownership by 50%. Airflow’s historic content uptime in 5 years exceeds 99.999%. End users get 100% Quality of Experience. Read more…

    What does Airflow do?

    Airflow is deeply integrated with world class CDNs. Their performance is monitored globally. Algorithms guarantee quality and select the cheapest path. Viewers are enforced, actively load balanced. Cache flushing, certificates, anti deep linking and much more is automated. All logs are processed so you get unified and accurate analytics. You get one unified orchestration platform. Apply your own metrics and business rules. Streaming workflows are highly automated, further saving time and money.

    World Class CDNs

    These world class CDNs are deeply integrated in Airflow Multi CDN, offering you the largest global delivery infrastructure. Akamai, CloudFront, Jet-Stream, Leaseweb, Lumen, Stackpath and Verizon. Jet-Stream Airflow integrated CDNs by tapping into their APIs. We flush caches, auto deploy SSL certificates, create origin paths, manage access control, collect and parse access logs, and much more. Read more about the CDNs.

    Flight Tracker

    Airflow does not require you to put trackers in your webpages and players. Flight Tracker is the independent global network of streaming performance monitoring agents. CDNs are constantly monitored for availability, connect time and video performance. Flight Tracker creates a real-time heat map of how all the CDNs perform per region.

    Breakthrough insights: the ‘good enough’ principle.

    It was always assumed that CDNs typically underperform. Flight Tracker data proved the opposite: most CDNs typically over perform for even the highest quality video streaming. This gave us a breakthrough insight, back in 2013: why go for the fastest, often the most expensive CDNs?  If we can apply a minimal quality threshold, we can focus on price instead.

    The JetAi algorithm

    JetAi is an intelligent Multi CDN algorithm that taps into a dozen realtime parameters including Flight Tracker data. JetAi instantly takes affected CDNs out of the active pool, for just that region, temporarily. JetAi constantly adapts and creates the cheapest mix of CDNs in real-time, guaranteeing high performance and the lowest costs, all the time, 24/7, autonomously.

    Air Traffic Control

    DNS gives zero control over caching if CDNs are switched. Viewers will be sent to underperforming CDNs for hours. Air Traffic Control is a real-time, enforced Multi CDN load balancer. ATC uses the JetAi intelligence algorithm. Each individual viewer is personally analyzed and load balanced to the most optimal tier, edge or CDN, guaranteed and enforced, all within 1 millisecond. The result: >99.999% content availability.

    Ground Control

    Ground Control lets you override JetAi. You can use third party metrics to instruct the Jet-Stream Airflow platform to prioritize a certain CDN for a specific region, on a per title and per stream level. In real-time. Ground Control also allows you to request a recommendation on behalf of a viewer, through our API. If you think you can beat our algorithm: please do so and save more money.

    The Cockpit

    Centrally manage cache flushing, access control, security and geo fencing in one unified web interface. Provision origins, upload your media, setup live streams, do real-time transmuxing, schedule recordings, do live transcoding and get detailed statistics and analytics. Automate your entire streaming workflow using our powerful API. Everything works regardless the dynamic mix of underlying CDNs.


    Jet-Stream Afterburner collects logs from all the CDNs and generates 100% accurate, unified logs. Afterburner creates reports per day, week, month or year, for most popular videos and streams, view duration, geography, referrer, devices, browsers, viewers, and much more. It is like Google Analytics, but then for video streaming. Reliable insights give you a competitive advantage.

    Compare: Jet-Stream MultiCDN vs overlay switching

    Our customers prefer Jet-Stream Multi CDN over Multi CDN overlay services, because it saves them time, money and headaches. Do you want to see how we stack up against overlay CDN? Check our comparison chart.

    Bring your own CDN

    Using Jet-Stream MultiCDN enables us to bundle volumes from multiple customers and negotiate much better rates for everyone. If you still have existing contracts with CDNs, we can add these to your MultiCDN mix and further optimise your costs.

    Global performance yet 100% European

    Privacy first. Jet-Stream is a European company with global performance: your content and data are protected by the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).. Learn more…



    Go MultiCDN within a business day – slash costs by 50%

    Go MultiCDN within a business day – slash costs by 50%

    • Unlimited scalability
    • Global coverage
    • Integrated with all premium CDNs
    • The only load balancing multiCDN
    • Highly adaptable to your requirements

    We have a global community of fans, that need to be able to view our streams in the best quality. Even at peak moments. Jet-Stream has been our trusted partner now for years and they have never let us down. 

    Mark van Leest
    Media manager, Ajax, The Netherlands