Jet-Stream announces the immediate availability of AI-generated context for video advertising, including IAB category suggestions, keywords, and summaries.

The AI, running inside Jet-Stream Cloud automatically analyses the content of uploaded videos and generates rich metadata, specifically optimised for online video advertising.

Higher ad revenues thanks to contextual advertising

Contextual, cookie-less video advertising yields higher revenues compared to old-school cookie-based advertising:

  1. Users don’t need to provide consent anymore, which means that ads can be displayed at 100% inventory, compared to 60% on average.
  2. Thanks to contextual data, advertisers can target (without invading privacy) precisely, which means that the CPM value is high.

Automated contextual data generation

Jet-Stream Cloud automatically generates contextual data and exposes this data to advertisers:

  1. User context: city, region, country, device, software, browser, website
  2. Technical context: video length, qualities, dimensions
  3. New: AI content context: subjects, IAB categories, summary

For publishers, creating the right context per video was a manual process, adding complexity and costs to contextual advertising. Thanks to Jet-Stream’s AI innovations, this process is now fully automated, saving time, costs and headaches. This innovation helps drive publishers to switch to contextual, cookie-less video advertising, and improve their results.

Privacy means business

Jet-Stream is committed to data protection. We are a European-owned, hosted and operated sovereign cloud, that puts privacy first. Contextual cookie-less advertising is a Jet-Stream innovation, which actively shields user data from advertisers while offering advertisers value with high-quality targeting data, and offering publishers higher revenues. Thanks to these innovations, privacy drives business.

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