Fly above the clouds

Jet-Stream Cloud is a new cloud platform to quickly build complex streaming workflows and deliver your media with the highest possible scale, performance and availability to a global audience.

Broadcast grade streaming

Video is one of the most demanding services on the web. Regular virtualized clouds perform fine for the web, but limit the performance and reliability of your streams. Our bare metal cloud lets you fly above the clouds.

Scales and streams everywhere

Heavily tuned caching and streaming software, running on uncompromised high performance infrastructure, all deeply integrated with multiple global CDNs enable you to deliver live and on-demand media to global audiences, on any device, at ultimate performance.

100% Uptime

The average content availability of CDNs is around 96%. Imagine that your mission-critical live broadcast fails due to an interruption in your cloud or CDN. We repeatedly achieved 100% in the past years, thanks to groundbreaking active load balancing technology, smart algorithms, reliable infrastructure and deep integration with multiple CDNs.

8K streaming performance

Jet-Stream Cloud is designed to support 8K video and 360° virtual reality. No expense has been spared on performance. For example: unlike ordinary clouds, we don’t use virtualization.

Your short-term benefits

– Even faster processing
– Even faster interfaces
– Even higher performance of streams
– Even higher service robustness
– No more hard storage quotas

Ready for the future

Jet-Stream Cloud is the streaming infrastructure of the future, ready for 4K, 8K and 360 VR streaming. It is also lays the fundament for low latency, easier live streaming, live transcoding, smarter video processing, monetization, and more detailed analytics. We are developing and testing many new techniques in our labs, so that you can stay ahead of your competition together with us.

Is your data safe?

Did you know that most streaming data is stored on US clouds? They store and collect personal data. Who all has access to your competitive sensitive market-reach figures? Who has access to your viewer data? And what do they do with that? Use it? Leak it? Share it? Sell it to your competitors?

The private, secure, EU cloud

Jet-Stream Cloud is 100% European-owned, hosted on multiple European locations, with massive global reach and performance. Your content is yours, your data is yours. And it stays that way, in our private, secure, GDPR compliant cloud.

Built on 27 years of experience

On November 4, 1994, we produced the world’s first webcast. Yes, we invented live streaming. We built our first streaming CDN in 1997. Jet-Stream Cloud is built upon our expertise with countless workflows, use cases and business cases, and all the great challenges in the complex field of streaming. 

Green streaming

Jet-Stream Cloud is powered by renewable energy. We use modern data centers with cold corridors and top cooling. We use high performance, efficient and dense servers to save as much energy as possible. Our tiered architecture design further optimizes use of our infrastructure, further reducing the footprint. Your streams are green.

Advanced cloud options

On Jet-Stream Cloud, you can start small and scale to dedicated pods, dedicated origin servers, dedicated edges, dedicated storage, private cloud and bespoke Multi CDN configurations.

Shared cloud

High performance bare metal infrastructure goes beyond regular virtualised clouds. Store, process, stream and analyse on the Jet-Stream Cloud.

Dedicated pods

Dedicated pods for live intake, origins, edges, processing guarantee a priority lane on the Jet-Stream Cloud.

Dedicated machines

No virtualisation: raw bare-metal dedicated intake, core, processing and edge machines, guarantee maximum performance at all time. Fully managed by Jet-Stream Cloud management services.

Private Cloud

Run your own streaming cloud, on our infrastructure, or on your own cloud.

Bespoke Multi CDN setup

Add remote edge servers, use your own CDN contracts. Build your own global Multi CDN platform.

Fun tech facts – Jet-Stream Cloud

– EU hosted, secure streaming cloud
– Storage capacity per PoP: 1PB redundant
– Storage composition: mix of NVMe, memory and RAID
– Compute capacity per PoP: 70 high performance CPU cores
– Bare metal Kubernetes clusters, no virtualization
– Networking infrastructure per PoP: 100 Gigabit switching
– Private network between the PoPs
– Tiered architecture for dynamic scaling for viral content
– Pan EU fiber ring network with 10Tbps capacity
– Present on all major EU internet exchanges
– Peerings with over 2000 ISPs
– Minimum 5 Global Top Tier-1 carriers
– Integrated with leading global CDNs
– Including Akamai, Stackpath, CloudFront, Leaseweb, Edgecast and Lumen
– Stacked global capacity of these CDNs
– Global DNS for worldwide resolve speed
– Active load balancers (no DNS dependency)
– Load balancing algorithms
– Thundering Herd protected caching
– Built-in caching shielding for your origins
– Network level DDOS protection