We’re excited to invite you to our free webinar, “The Future of Content Delivery,” where industry-recognized CDN (Content Delivery Network) experts will shed light on the current state of content delivery and what lies ahead.

Join us on June 13, 2024, at 17:00 CET (11:00 EST) and gain valuable insights to ensure your content delivery remains smooth and reliable.

Why You Should Attend

Recent turbulence in the streaming sector has left many content creators scrambling. Providers are facing challenges, and some services have even shut down entirely.

This webinar will equip you with the knowledge to navigate these challenges and make informed decisions about your content delivery strategy.

What Each Presentation Offers You

Leveraging Multi-CDN Strategies for Enhanced Performance and Monitoring

Discover the critical importance of multi-CDN strategies in today’s digital content delivery. This session will explore how integrating services from various CDN providers enhances resilience and performance for digital assets. The focus will include a general discussion on the benefits of a diversified CDN approach to achieving superior content distribution and reliability. Topics will also include how to use BigData to monitor and enhance performance.

How a distributed Cloud enables Media companies to cost-effectively meet performance, portability, and localization requirements

In this presentation, Ilker will delve into Akamai’s innovative cloud strategy, which integrates core and distributed computing sites with a massively scaled edge network, additionally giving Broadcasters/OTT operators a host of powerful new cloud computing capabilities. From robust scalability across our global platform to fortified content delivery and security services, Ilker will illustrate how Akamai is revolutionizing the cloud landscape.

Large-scale Streaming in Emerging Markets

Discover the future of digital entertainment with EdgeNext’s ‘Large-scale Streaming in Emerging Markets,’ where we’ll tackle the intricacies of delivering content in the MEA, APAC, and China regions. Thus, learn how EdgeNext’s cloud services overcome diverse challenges to ensure seamless streaming experiences in rapidly growing markets.

Future-Proof Your Streams: Why a Multi CDN Strategy is the Answer

Join Stef van der Ziel in this presentation where he unveils the critical reasons of choosing a Multi-CDN approach beyond just scale, price, and uptime. Furthermore, discover how Jet-Stream’s innovative multi-CDN stack surpasses traditional offerings, providing a unique and powerful solution for your content delivery.