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Benefits of cloud based logging and analytics

4 September 2019, Written by 0 comment

(hint: cloud side logging and analytics is 100% accurate, rich in details, privacy is guaranteed and comes free with every Jet-Stream account)

Jet-Stream Analytics and Statistics

Why cloud based logging and analytics are better than video player side tracking 

Video analytics: why?

If you are a professional streaming company or expert, you want to know which live streaming channels and video and audio titles are popular and where your audience is coming from. You want to know how many eyeballs you reached, and if the trend is up or down. 

The better the statistics and analytics, the better your insights and the better you can optimize your content strategy, your production and your technical setup to maximize your results with the minimal possible efforts. Professionals need better tools and data than what video platforms such as YouTube have to offer. 

That is why video streaming experts either implement their own streaming analytics platforms, or outsource their analytics to a streaming platform vendor. It is important not to put your data into the wrong hands: privacy laws are quite strict in what can and cannot be done with this data.

Player side logging is crippled

Most video platform vendors log user interaction in their video player and send the data to log processing and analytics servers. We call this tracking. And there is a big problem with tracking.

Roughly 20% of video player side data gathering is blocked by tracker blockers. It means that you miss 1 out of 5 viewers in video player based analytics platforms. It means that you are streaming blind to 1/5 of your audience. As a streaming professional, that is an unacceptable high percentage. How can you sell this to management and advertisers? 

Server side logging is accurate and unblockable

Logging in the cloud cannot be blocked. You watch, we log. Server side logging and analytics are 100% accurate. In a world full of tracker blockers it is the only reliable way to get good insights in streaming usage. You just have to make sure that the processor is doing the right things with your data. 

Jet-Stream Analytics and Statistics: rich and GDPR compliant

Jet-Stream request routers log every request and routing output, in our EU based servers. This data gives us real-time and trend insights in popularity of content and where viewers are coming from. This data is presented to our customers as real-time statistics, without the ability to track or identify users.

When you watch content from our servers, we log every request in our EU based servers. This data is processed to calculate traffic consumption (which is part of our business model) and also processed for detailed analytics for our customers. Jet-Stream Analytics is a very powerful service that gives you full insights in streaming usage, trends, popularity and your audience within the strictest EU privacy laws.

GDPR privacy law compliance

Both our statistics and analytics services are 100% GDPR compliant. We make sure that individual users cannot be identified or tracked. We only store data in the EU. We are a EU company with no ties to foreign companies. We protect the data and we will never sell or share any data. It’s not our business model and it is against our principles. 

How does Jet-Stream logging and analytics work?


Every time someone requests a stream from our platform, we load balance this user to one of our available servers. Each request is logged in this server. We log date and time, the requested stream, technical details of the used device and software and much more. In contrary of player-side logging, server-side logging cannot be blocked. We capture *every* request. 

Collection and unification

We use a mix of many, different services to deliver content to end users: web servers, RTMP streaming servers, caching servers, icecast streaming servers and third party CDNs for instance. Each service logs in its own format. 

Our log processing cloud routinely collect the logs of all these many servers and write the logs to a unified format, sorted and split per customer so we can further process the logs in an efficient way. 

You can imagine how many log entries we process per hour: we deliver millions of HLS streams, and per delivered stream we have a new log entry every few seconds. Logging and analytics requires heavy duty infrastructure.


Before analyzing the logs, we apply some magic tricks. For instance, we cripple the IP-addresses to comply to the strict GDPR laws in Europe. Since we create unique sessions per viewer, we can merge individual video segment log files into actual session logs, and extract the viewing time per session. 


The final step is the analytics. Our analytics platform crunches through the access logs and offers detailed analytics via a powerful web interface.

See these actual screen shots for examples of Jet-Stream Analytics.

What kind of insights can you expect from Jet-Stream Analytics?

You can see trends, core facts, where viewers come from, you can deep drill into countries and regions, see which live channels and video titles are the most popular, what kind of devices and software users use, and much more. Create reports and jump to specific days, weeks or months to get deep insights in how your content strategy is working out. 

Privacy is important to us

We don’t claim ownership of the logs. It’s your data. And nobody else’s. We have to keep the logs for security and law reasons, but for the rest: we only process the logs so you get great analytics. Once we can delete the stuff, we will. We protect our systems and we will never share or sell data or any metadata. 

Oh, by the way, there is another upside: since we do all the logging and analytics in the cloud, you can use any video player, without the need for tracking. Try the free Jet-Stream Player with unlimited views for instance. It’s also an integrated part of the Jet-Stream suite. No trackers.

Hey, it’s free!

Jet-Stream Analytics is an integrated part of the Jet-Stream platform. It is offered free of charge with every Jet-Stream account under a Fair Use policy. You can create users with limited rights with access to the Analytics suite only, so they cannot mess around with your live streams and assets, how cool is that 😉 For larger customers we offer dedicated log processing and analytics services.

Why don’t you setup a free account, generate some views and test drive our analytics yourself? Go to and click on Free Account. Our experts will help you get up and running within a business day. 

Stream on!

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