In short term, Apple will launch IOS 14.5 with active tracker blocking. This has far-reaching consequences for broadcasters and publishers.

AdWeek says: “As many as 68 percent of iPhone users are expected to deny advertisers permission to track them thanks to Apple’s App Tracking Transparency feature, in what is beginning to look like a significant blow to the advertising industry.”

IOS market share in online video consumption. Source: Jet-Stream EU analytics Q1 2021

Chief analytics officer at marketing company Epsilon, Loch Rose, said: “nobody really knows for sure what will happen once Apple’s tracking prompts become widespread, but the cost per mille of in-app ads, which is the cost an advertiser pays for one thousand views or impressions, is expected to drop by as much as 50 percent.

Ad revenues are expected to drop by 50% due to tracker blocking

Ad revenues are expected to drop by 50% due to tracker blocking

The Washington Post decided to stop tracking altogether last year, with success. None other than Google has announced that it will take a completely different approach: contextual advertising. The STER was also successful with it.

Showing video ads in the old way, it is no longer tenable: not legally, and not commercially. Contextual advertising is.

With contextual advertising you provide advertisers rich information about for example the video, the web page, the site, the browser: everything except personal data. This allows the advertiser to target fine-grained, without violating the user’s privacy. This is fully in line with the European GDPR and Dutch AVG legislation.

Jet-Stream is proud to introduce contextual advertising in our new Privacy Player Pro: the first commercially available video player that protects your ad revenues while ensuring privacy.

What does Jet-Stream do for contextual advertising?

  • Automatic and manual import and export of descriptive meta tags
  • Automatic and manual selection of IAB ad categories;
  • Automatic generation of technical metadata about the video and the viewer’s technical environment;
  • VAST proxy to shield the viewer from the advertiser;
  • Exposing all rich contextual data to the advertiser;
  • Showing the advertisements in Privacy Player Pro.
Privacy Player Pro. No cookies, no trackers, 100% deep context for advertisers

Because privacy is so important to us, we decided to make contextual advertising a free part of the Jet-Stream Platform. Yes that is quite disruptive.

You can use your own player, but why should you: Privacy Player Pro, with full contextual advertising integration and unlimited views, comes free with Pro, Enterprise and Broadcaster packages. We do not eat into your CPM advertising revenues.

Share your creativity, not your data. Contact us for a free brochure, a personal live demo and a test account.