From the Worlds’ First Live Stream to Higher Ad Revenues and Trust.

Inventing video streaming

In 1994, we took a groundbreaking step in digital communication: we produced the world’s very first live video stream on the internet

Fast forward to 2024: 30 years innovation

Now, celebrating this effort thirty years later, we reflect on how this innovation has changed the way we share knowledge and express creativity in unprecedented ways.

The impact of streaming on our lives

Video streaming has led to an unprecedented global sharing of knowledge and entertainment, bringing cultures and people closer together. Traditional broadcasting is disrupted. Anyone can broadcast and share their message and ideas. We watch about 4 hours of video per day, whether it’s video training, live lessons, sports, series, movies, and memes. 

A network to share knowledge and creativity

The initial promise of the internet was to be a safe and open network through which anyone could freely spread knowledge and creativity worldwide. Video and streaming are the most powerful media to do so, instantly. 

Espionage tracker web

However, this ideal has been clouded over the years. Every time we watch a video, there are numerous parties watching along and collecting our data, so they can profile and target you and sell this data without your consent. Who’s watching what you are watching? The internet has transformed into an ‘espionage tracker web’, a reality we, as the pioneers in the streaming world, no longer want to accept.

Privacy friendly streaming Cloud

That’s why we’ve taken significant steps: the creation of our own 100% GDPR compliant sovereign EU streaming cloud for example. With our self-developed video player and analytics software, we ensure that your data remains secure and yours. Personal data is not collected, processed, or shared. This is a fundamental shift in how privacy is handled on the internet and protects your business and personal interests.

Contextual Advertising

One of our latest innovations is Contextual Advertising. Instead of sharing personal data with advertisers, we use privacy-friendly contextual information about the video and the viewer. An AI system generates rich data that allows advertisers to target effectively, while shielding the user’s privacy. 

Better Privacy Results in Higher Ad Revenues

This new model has proven to be more lucrative for both advertisers and publishers compared to the old 3rdparty cookie-based approach. It proves that privacy and business interests no longer have to be contradictory. In fact, we have shown that respecting privacy leads to higher revenues. As streaming pioneers we flipped the status quo, again. This is a win-win situation for both consumers and businesses.

Disruptive innovations

With these innovations, we hope to bring about a radical change in the advertising market and return the internet to its original purpose: a safe place for unparalleled inspiration, knowledge sharing, and creativity. 


Jet-Stream is a platform of trust: trust that your data is safe, trust that your media and business cases are protected, trust that your streaming is carbon-neutral, trust that your service is up and performing, and trust that you are supported by a long-term partner with ever innovating experts.

Share your creativity, not your data.