Jet-Stream, the leading European streaming services provider, proudly announces its continued partnership to livestream the Eurovision Song Contest for the next three years. In collaboration with Let’s Get Digital (another Groningen-based company) providing the portal infrastructure, Jet-Stream will deliver high-quality and secure streams for the iconic music event.

Since COVID-19, live streaming has become indispensable for Eurovision. In 2021 and 2022, Eurovision selected Jet-Stream Cloud for meeting its strict technical requirements. When the 2023 contest was held in the UK, the country chose another vendor that could not achieve high standards set by Jet-Stream. As a result, Eurovision will continue using Jet-Stream Cloud for future events.

“We’re absolutely delighted to extend our collaboration with Jet-Stream for the Eurovision Song Contest. Their commitment to meeting rigorous standards for reliability, quality, and security is truly outstanding. With Jet-Stream on board, we’re confident in providing Eurovision fans worldwide with an unforgettable experience.” – Bas Krijgsman, founder of Let’s Get Digital.

About Let’s Get Digital

Event organizers seeking to elevate their events worldwide choose Let’s Get Digital as the go-to partner, whether hosting them online, in hybrid formats, or in-person. From business conferences to scientific congresses, trade fairs, and music festivals, the company specializes in creating unique event experiences that bring people together. Their mission is to help organizers surpass their event objectives and establish themselves as leaders in their field.

Why Jet-Stream?

European Cloud

The purpose-built European Streaming Cloud ensures top-notch performance with its real-time transcoding, packaging and multi-CDN capabilities, is capable of delivering up to 8K quality, high-performance streams to millions and millions people across the world.

“”We are honored that Let’s Get Digital and Eurovision continue to put their trust in Jet-Stream Cloud,” says CEO of Jet-Stream, Stef van der Ziel. “There is a famous saying in entertainment: ‘the show must go on’, and for Eurovision the requirements in terms of picture quality, stream performance uptime, global coverage and professional services are high.”

Global Multi CDN Streaming

Imagine the stakes of ensuring seamless, high-quality streams for viewers as far-reaching as Azerbaijan, Armenia and Australia during events like the Eurovision Song Contest. With Jet-Stream Cloud’s integration of multiple Content Delivery Networks (CDNs), we guarantee optimal performance globally. Our active monitoring and load balancing algorithms select the most efficient delivery paths for each viewer, ensuring uninterrupted streaming even during CDN outages, achieving uptimes between 99.9996% to 100%.

Content Protection

Preventing leaks and unauthorized access to the live streams is critical for Eurovision. The show’s surprises and performances must remain secret until they are broadcast live during the competition.

To ensure content protection, Jet-Stream employs encryptions and URL signing technologies. This prevents unauthorized users from accessing or deep linking the streams outside of the official Let’s Get Digital online platform. Authorized channels exclusively allow viewing of videos, preserving content exclusivity and building suspense leading up to the live shows.

Professional Video Player

Jet-Stream’s Privacy Player Pro makes it possible to deliver an immersive Eurovision experience across devices. Integrated into Let’s Get Digital’s platform, this player offers Eurovision branding, responsiveness, adaptability, and support for mid-stream CDN switching. Its interactive API enhances viewer engagement, maintaining the integrity of the Eurovision brand.

GDPR Compliant Cloud

Jet-Stream Cloud, as a European-owned and operated platform, prioritizes data privacy and complies with GDPR regulations. It securely stores viewer logs and analytics within the cloud, ensuring they are inaccessible to third parties.

24/7 Support

With no room for error, the Eurovision Song Contest requires an extremely high level of support and expertise. That’s why our team provides 24/7 real-time event support for Eurovision, it’s AV and encoding partners and Let’s Get Digital. With over than 30 years of streaming experience we know how to keep the streams running smoothly.

Green Streaming

Our commitment to excellence goes beyond just performance; it extends to environmental sustainability as well. With 100% carbon-neutral energy usage since 2004 and innovative green streaming practices, Jet-Stream leads the industry in minimizing its environmental footprint.

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