Jet-Stream is proud to announce its first AI solution: an automatic keywords and IAB category generator for contextual video advertising.

Cookieless advertising can yield 40% extra video ad revenues. How? Because it can place ads at 100% of your inventory, even when viewers opt out of cookies.

But what about targeting? You don’t just want to show any ad to any user. You want relevance. Because it is less annoying to the viewer, and it also generates more leads.

That’s where contextual cookieless advertising comes in. Jet-Stream was the first to introduce contextual advertising, by enabling customers to share tags, descriptions and IAB categories per video with advertisers. We automatically add other data such as video length, dimensions, user device and user city, while protecting the viewer’s privacy.

However, we learned that quite some video publishers found it hard to generate their descriptional metadata. So we have been developing and testing a solution in our lab: automatic AI data generation.

The AI in our lab analyses each video, and automatically generates the following:

  • Subtitles
  • Summary
  • Keywords
  • And suggests IAB category selection

The effect? Upload any video, and Jet-Stream automatically generates a rich set of descriptional metadata, technical metadata and user metadata. Thus, advertisers can process this data and do real-time bidding for ads that fit best with the users’ profile.

The benefit for the video publisher is that they can simply upload a video and monetise it with minimal effort and maximum results.

The AI runs inside Jet-Stream Cloud and does not share any of your data, so you are safe to know that your data is yours and remains yours.

The benefit for the advertising network is that they get rich data to do more precise targeting and improve clicks for their advertising customers.

The benefit for the viewers is that they get relevant ads while their privacy is fully protected.

And, the benefit for Jet-Stream is happy customers who save money, time and headaches and automatically generate better ad revenues.

If you want to learn more or do a PoC, feel free to contact us