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Jet-Stream 2021 – 2022

23 December 2021, Written by 0 comment

Looking back and forward

2021 has been a busy year. Lockdowns forced many events to switch from offline to online.

Live event streaming
A great example was the Eurovision Song Contest 2021. Initially planned for 2020, it was postponed due to Corona. They asked us to stream the event live. The project was launched in a few days. The streaming picture quality was higher than what you could receive on digital TV in Full HD, and the streams were watched as far as Australia. Because the rehearsals were absolutely not allowed to leak out, we used a mix of shielding techniques. You can read the whole case here.

AV producers are becoming professional streamers
While 2020 was mainly a year in which many events came into contact with streaming for the first time, we saw professionalisation in 2021. AV producers ran into the limitations of streaming platforms: reliability, support, and last but not least: unexpected cost. We helped them migrate to our platform.

Streaming startups
We also saw an increase in startups that are building business cases around live or on-demand video streaming, from niche Netflix-like services to accessible live services for influencers, and fitness for example.

More broadcasters
In 2021 we welcomed a relatively large number of broadcasters who migrated to us, thanks to some really nice new partnerships such as the Dutch Media Exchange which we co-founded.

Video Player for Developers
Behind the scenes we have been working on great new features. For example, we launched the Pro version of Privacy Player. It only costs €150 per month, and comes with unlimited views. You can fully customise your players via a simple Javascript API. And it offers interactivity. You can build your own controls, you can control the player, and you can read live data from the player. Our customers love it and are developing great interactive streaming services, such as realtime overlay graphics. We published API documentation and examples here.

Contextual Advertising
A unique feature I’m really proud of is Contextual Advertising. It protects the privacy of your audience, it also protects your competitive market data, and it protects your video advertisement revenue streams. 3rd Party data sharing is illegal and is actively being blocked by more and more browsers. This dramatically reduces the CPM value of your audience, hurting your business. Contextual Advertising lets you share detailed information except for privacy data, so advertisers can still target with fine granularity, and will value your business.

OnAir browser based streaming
Another great innovation is OnAir. Live streaming is quite hard. You have to understand RTMP, key frames, bit rates, H.264 profiles, and so on. You have to buy an encoder, or install and configure and connect live streaming software. OnAir is a live streaming engine that runs directly in your browser, without the need to install or configure anything. The Javascript API lets you implement a live streaming service in your portal. OnAir can stream live up to 4K 60fps from a basic laptop. So you can let your users stream live, at professional quality, from your own streaming portal. We built the OnAir engine into, replacing WebRTC. Streaminar lets you live mix multiple live cameras, videos and your desktop.

Uptime and performance
Our customers streams are mission critical. Streams have to be available and high performing, all the time. To achieve the highest possible uptime and performance, we operate our own infrastructure, and software, algorithms, active load balancers and integrated multiCDN. The result: 100% actual content availability in the past years.

Jet-Stream Cloud
Recently we announced Jet-Stream Cloud, which is a new ultra high performance infrastructure, running the latest cloud technologies. Jet-Stream Cloud doesn’t use virtualisation because that is killing for streaming performance. Soon we will start migrating all customers. The benefits: ultra fast modern networking and hardware, even higher robustness, scalability, performance, and the ability to get dedicated live ingest, storage, processing and delivery pods.

Jet-StreamOS: streaming orchestration automation
Jet-Stream Cloud is powered by Jet-StreamOS: our streaming orchestration platform. Streaming is really complex technology. If you want to build your own streaming infrastructure: good luck. You will need experts. Which are scarce and expensive. These experts will configure and integrate cloud building blocks for encoding, transcoding, protection, streaming and playback. This will take months, and there is no guarantee that they will succeed. And when you become successful, cloud pricing scales up too. You can also choose to work with a streaming platform, who make streaming easier. But by doing so, they start dictating your workflow, and make shortcuts so you can’t control the workflow anymore. You will get stuck.

For engineers and developers
Our GUI and API let you build complex workflows in minutes. Combine Jet-Stream applications with your own. Encoding? Use Streaminar, or implement OnAir, or add any third party encoder in a click, setup new live streams in simple API calls. Origins? Use our intelligent origins, or use custom origins, or add your own origin servers in a click or an API call. Transcoding? Use our preset profiles, or setup custom profiles in a click. Or use your own transcoding service. Security? Use our geo fencing and URL signing features, or add your DRM. CDN? Use our dynamic mix of CDNs, or decide per title and per stream which mix of CDNs you prefer to use, per region. Player? Use our free Privacy Player, or our Pro player, or use any third party player too. And so on.

In 2022 you will see many of these new features and services being further developed and emerge. So you can instantly build mission critical streaming services and applications, without ever getting stuck. Streaming made easy, but with maximum control and flexibility. We are here for smarter engineers and developers.

We wish you great holidays. We dusted off our good old Fireplace TV stream. Enjoy. Thanks to team Jet-Stream for our efforts and thanks to all our loyal customers. Stay healthy,