Jet-Stream Cloud stands out as a specialized solution specifically designed for media hosting, processing, stream, and audio and video delivery. This specialization offers significant advantages over generic cloud services, particularly in areas like live video streaming, radio streaming, podcast, and on-demand video support. Read how Jet-Stream Cloud addresses and overcomes the challenges often associated with generic cloud platforms.

Tailored for Media: Overcoming Generic Cloud Limitations

Generic clouds cater to a broad range of applications, from gaming to web hosting. However, their one-size-fits-all approach can fall short in the specialized realm of media streaming. Jet-Stream Cloud differentiates itself in several key ways:

  • Dedicated Media Architecture: Unlike generic clouds, Jet-Stream Cloud’s infrastructure is purpose-built for media. This specialization is crucial for live streams, which demand uninterrupted delivery. Jet-Stream Cloud ensures consistent resource allocation, avoiding the disruptions common in generic clouds that dynamically redistribute resources.
  • High-Performance Streaming: Jet-Stream Cloud is optimized for the heavy data demands of media, capable of delivering high-quality streams like 8K without performance issues, a feat not always achievable by generic clouds.

Integrated Streaming Applications

Jet-Stream Cloud offers a comprehensive suite of streaming applications, pre-installed and pre-configured:

  • Turnkey Solution: With Jet-Stream Cloud, the need for expensive IT specialists or system integrators is greatly reduced. Over 90% of media use cases are supported out-of-the-box, saving significant time and resources compared to using generic clouds.
  • Rich Application Suite: The platform includes key applications such as transcoding, live streaming, packaging, VOD hosting, DRM, access control, multi-CDN distribution, video players, and streaming analytics. This comprehensive setup is ready-to-use, bypassing the lengthy and costly process of custom installation and integration as you will have with generic clouds.

Customizable and Flexible Workflows

Jet-Stream Cloud’s pre-integrated services are not only time-efficient but also customizable:

  • Easy: Rapid Workflow Setup: Users can set up streaming workflows in minutes, a process that could take weeks or months in generic clouds.
  • Smart: Tuneable Integration: The platform offers customization options for each application and integration, fitting bespoke workflows without the need for coding. This flexibility enables the swift creation of advanced media workflows.
  • Expert-Level Customization: Users have the option to integrate their own encoders, transcoders, DRM, and other services, offering a blend of Jet-Stream’s solutions with personalized tools.

Robust Distribution and Reliability

  • Pre-integrated with Multiple CDNs: Jet-Stream Cloud’s deep integration with numerous CDNs enhances reliability, reducing vulnerability to outages and ensuring robust service delivery.
  • Future-Proof Architecture: The multi-vendor, abstracted architecture supports not just multi-CDN but also multi-cloud strategies, allowing for quick migration and enhanced service robustness.

Cost-Effectiveness of Jet-Stream Cloud

Jet-Stream Cloud offers competitive rates on traffic, transcoding, and storage, bundled with often free service usage:

  • Transparent and Predictable Costs: With clear, understandable pricing, Jet-Stream Cloud ensures that costs are predictable and transparent.
  • Operational Cost Savings: The specialized, pre-configured nature of Jet-Stream Cloud, coupled with its comprehensive application suite, saves significant project and operational expenses compared to generic clouds.


Jet-Stream Cloud represents a specialized, efficient, and cost-effective solution for media hosting and delivery, addressing the specific needs of this industry. By offering a tailored infrastructure, a comprehensive suite of applications, customizable workflows, robust distribution networks, and competitive pricing, Jet-Stream Cloud provides a compelling alternative to generic cloud services, especially for those in the media streaming sector. This platform not only simplifies the technical challenges but also enhances the reliability and quality of media delivery in the digital landscape.