The Dutch company Jet-Stream will be unveiling a new broadcast-grade streaming platform on IBC in Amsterdam. The inventors of streaming introduce a user-friendly video platform, which reduces operational costs and time and increases control, uptime, quality, performance, and scale. 

The new Jet-Stream platform gives professional broadcasters the full control over every step in their streaming workflow allowing them to integrate their own services and mix with Jet-Stream applications. 

New: Jet-Stream Cloud

Jet-Stream Cloud is Europe’s broadcast grade streaming cloud with global scale. Thanks to the deep integration of network, hardware and software, Jet-Stream cloud offers 430% faster streaming delivery compared to generic clouds, enabling 4K and even 8K streaming. It also offers much better uptime: 99.999% compared to the industry average of 99.98%.

“Jet-Stream Cloud is a purpose-built streaming cloud, with optimizations in network, hardware, and software, for better performance, uptime, and scale. We control and integrate the entire stack, enabling us to innovate faster and offer great new applications such as cloud encoders, real-time statistics, and advanced workflow optimization” says Stef van der Ziel, CEO.  

“The benefit for our customers are better uptime, better performance, better control, and 40% cost reduction compared to video platforms, and dramatic less internal operational costs compared to cloud media services.”

New: OnAir 4K cloud encoder

Stream live stream in one click. Publish in one click. There is no step 3.

OnAir lets you stream up to 4K quality, without the need to install, configure or connect encoding hardware or software. Adaptive live streaming, active multi-CDN, analytics and a professional video player are included. OnAir is built into Jet-Stream Cloud.

OnAir 4K Cloud Encoder

“OnAir is by far the easiest way of setting up a professional live stream”, says Jet-Stream CEO Stef van der Ziel. ‘Imagine how easy it is for reporters, gamers, musicians, influencers, and educators to stream live. It enables new ways to share your creativity and to monetize your knowledge and entertainment.”

New: StreamStats

Reliable and easy insights into audience engagement and trends.

StreamStats is a new powerful streaming statistics service, built into Jet-Stream Cloud. On one page you get all your key data, presented in a beautiful design. To guarantee 100% data accuracy, the source data is aggregated in real-time from all integrated CDNs.

“StreamStats is the easiest tool to use statistics service in our industry, yet the data is 100% correct and it’s real-time too”, says Joshua Peper, Jet-Stream’s CTO. “Tracker data from players can be blocked, and often data is sampled and extrapolated: not with StreamStats, giving you accurate data in one easy overview.”

New: Data protection.

European, 100% GDPR compliant

Recently, Jet-Stream was successfully audited by EDPS, Europe’s Data Protection Supervisor, for 100% GDPR compliance. EDPS had their data protection conference streamed over the Jet-Stream platform.

“Imagine the risk that your own competitive sensitive data about your markets, audiences and advertisers can be used against you. Jet-Stream is a 100% EU company with 100% EU infrastructure. We cut every tie to non-EU vendors. Your audience, media and data are actively protected by our secure cloud,” says van der Ziel.

Many vendors claim to be GDPR compliant but rely on US based vendors, which is deemed a major risk, according to European Cyber Security Centers. Recently a public tender was reversed due to a link to a major US cloud service provider, even though the data was stored in the EU, with an EU subsidiary.

GDPR checklist

Jet-Stream created this easy checklist if your service provider is GDPR proof, or if it is within the reach of the US CLOUD Act, which implies serious data protection concerns.

New: Jet-Stream Mix.

Streaming Media European Innovation Award

Streaming workflow orchestration: Easy, Smart, Expert. Jet-Stream Mix is the winner of the Streaming Media Innovation Award in the category Cloud Workflow Solution.


Stream live in one click. Publish in one click. Accurate statistics. Everything in one intuitive interface, everything is automated. Easier than video platforms, without any compromise in quality or performance. 


Finetune personal transcoding profiles, manage active multi-CDN distribution, setup radio stations, design branded video players and secure your streams. All in real-time, in just a few clicks, using an intuitive and easy web interface. 


Integrate encoders, transcoders, DRM, RUM, origin servers, CMS, CDNs and log processors. Create users and rights and use the intuitive GUI and powerful API workflow orchestration and automation tools.

New: Contextual Video Advertising

Lower CPM costs, higher CPM revenues for video advertising. 

Due to 3rd party data blocking, video advertising revenues are dropping fast. Thanks to Contextual Video Advertising, publishers can maintain a high CPM value, and advertisers can still target, without invading people’s privacy. As a disruptor, Jet-Stream is the first vendor to support Contextual Video Advertising and is bundling the VAST & IAB compliant service unlimited, for free. 

New: 100% Renewable energy

Green streaming.

Jet-Stream Cloud is 100% powered by renewable energy. That wasn’t enough. Jet-Stream Cloud is optimized to efficiently distribute and store long-tail and popular media. Each title is monitored for popularity and is automatically scaled to additional tiers, optimizing resources, reducing our overall footprint by 60%, and reducing operational costs.

Customers get an easier, more flexible, and future proof service that gives them full control over their use cases, workflows, quality, data, and costs. Jet-Stream has been a healthy, profitable company for 19 years, and we invented a new category that goes beyond video platforms and clouds. We are a strategic choice for broadcasters, publishers, sports, enterprises, elearning, health, education and governments.” – Stef van der Ziel, CEO & Founder.

We are convinced that our new cloud, our new applications, and our service go beyond what regular video platforms and cloud media services can offer. I am proud that as an independent, European vendor we perform better in uptime, quality, ease of use and powerful features for both non-technical people and seasoned engineers and developers.”Joshua Peper, CTO.

Jet-Stream will unveil its new platform on IBC, in Hall 7, Stand 7.C25.

You can schedule an appointment on IBC with CEO Stef van der Ziel or CTO Joshua Peper here.