Streaming videos online has become a worldwide trend, with billions of people watching from all corners of the globe. As you continue to create and share content, it’s crucial to consider the diverse needs of your audience, including those who speak different languages.

Why Should You Care About Making Content Easy to Get?

Imagine tuning into a streaming service excited to watch your favorite show, only to find that it’s not available in your language or lacks subtitles for the deaf and hard of hearing. That’s not cool, right? Every viewer deserves the opportunity to engage with your content, regardless of their linguistic or accessibility needs.

Benefits of Multi Language Streaming:

Reach a Global Audience

Translating your videos into multiple languages instantly expands your potential audience from millions to billions. Our world is incredibly diverse, with over 7,000 languages spoken globally. By providing subtitles and audio tracks in different languages, you can reach entirely new groups of people who couldn’t access your content before.

Help People Understand

Multi language streaming also helps people who are deaf or hard of hearing, making up about 5% of the world’s population. By including subtitles in multiple languages, you ensure that language isn’t a barrier for them to enjoy your content.

As web accessibility standards like WCAG become more widespread, having multilingual subtitles will be crucial for organizations striving to make their content inclusive and accessible to all.

Keep Viewers Interested

Providing content in viewers’ preferred languages improves engagement and retention. When users can understand and relate to the content more effectively, they are more likely to stay engaged and return for future viewing sessions.

Challenges of Multilingual Streaming

Quality Matters

Translating content isn’t as simple as swapping words. It requires skilled translators who understand both languages and the cultural differences between them. Poor translations can ruin the viewing experience.

Cost Considerations

Expanding into multilingual streaming can incur additional costs, including translation services, voice actors for dubbing, and ongoing maintenance of language-specific content. Balancing these expenses while maximizing ROI requires strategic planning and resource allocation.

Technical Problems

Technical challenges also abound in the realm of multilingual streaming. From implementing multilingual features on platforms to optimizing streaming infrastructure for diverse linguistic needs, there are numerous technical hurdles to overcome. Moreover, ensuring seamless integration across devices and regions requires a robust and scalable infrastructure capable of delivering a consistent user experience regardless of language preference.

How Jet-Stream Can Help

At Jet-Stream, we understand the complexities of multilingual streaming and are committed to helping you overcome these challenges. Jet-Stream Cloud was built from the ground up to seamlessly support multilingual streaming. And thanks to our partnerships with AI experts, we provide cost-effective solutions that allow you to reuse and scale your content to reach diverse global audiences.

Multi Audio Tracks

Imagine streaming videos with audio in dozens of languages. With Jet-Stream Cloud, it’s easy to include audio tracks in major languages for both live streams and on-demand videos. Viewers can select their preferred language right in the video player, no matter what device they’re using.

Multi Language Subtitling

Expanding your viewership across languages can be challenging without proper subtitling support. Especially considering that over 80% of online video content is consumed without sound. 

Our platform supports real-time translation and subtitling into dozens of international languages to ensure that your global audience will be able to understand and enjoy your content. Plus, with our Privacy Player Pro, viewers can seamlessly switch between subtitles on-the-go, making the viewing experience even more convenient and accessible.

AI-powered captions

Make your videos even better with captions made by artificial intelligence. Advanced speech recognition technology ensures every word is captured with minimal errors. What’s more, these highly accurate captions can be automatically translated into numerous languages in real time, further enhancing accessibility and reach.

If you’re in need of a multi-audio solution, Jet-Stream is the way to go! Reach out to us, describe your case, we will think about the best for your need and will help with implementation! We’re here to help you!