IBC – Amsterdam, September 10, 2022


Broadcasters get better scale and performance for OTT streaming in Europe, North Africa and the Middle East, thanks to a new partnership. Content Delivery Network Medianova and streaming platform Jet-Stream announce that Medianova CDN is available as of today as an integrated service within Jet-Stream’s platform.

Medianova is a high-performance global CDN, with a strong presence in North Africa, Eastern Europe and the Middle East. It is one of the fastest CDN which is critical for delivering high-performance television and OTT services.

Jet-Stream.com is Europe’s streaming platform, offering broadcasters, publishers, sports, events, and enterprises high-performance media streaming management services, including live encoding, transcoding, streaming security, video players, analytics and Multi CDN services.

Both companies announce that as of today, Medianova’s CDN service is available within Jet-Stream’s service. Jet-Stream Airflow Multi CDN is an integrated service in Jet-Stream Cloud. Next to Jet-Stream’s own European 8K streaming CDN, seven additional CDNs can be used in a geographically optimized mix, with Medianova being the latest addition.

Medianova has a presence on all continents but excels in countries such as Egypt, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Kuwait, Qatar, Romania, Poland, the Czech Republic, and Germany.

Jet-Stream CEO Stef van der Ziel: “I am very pleased with the Medianova integration. It strengthens our footprint in areas where regular CDNs and Clouds have weak spots. We see more demand for high-performance video streaming and live streaming in upcoming markets such as Eastern Europe and the Middle East, and that is Medianova’s sweet spot.”

“Per customer, we can define a mix of CDNs”, says Jet-Stream CTO Joshua Peper. “Our Multi CDN load balancers automatically optimize traffic for the best route, per viewer, per request, even mid-stream. The algorithm guarantees high performance and availability, at competitive rates. Customers can override the algorithm, and optimize Multi CDN load balancing per video, and per stream, by hand, or via an API. You get full control over distribution, and I am glad that Medianova has become part of our mix.”

Medianova CEO Serkan Sevim: “We are pleased to partner with Jet-Stream as they are one of the pioneer companies in the streaming world. Medianova is a 17 years experienced and Gartner-mentioned CDN with a very strong footprint in the region. Our patent-pending EdgeCache technology makes sure that the time to first frame and throughput are much better than comparables. We urge our potential partners to compare our Citrix/Cedexis performance scores and try Medianova through Jet-Stream Cloud.”