Amsterdam, July 6 2023, Opt Out Advertising and Jet-Stream have formed a strategic alliance based on their shared commitment to data protection. The collaboration between these strong players in advertising and streaming represents an exceptional and exclusive opportunity for media professionals. By leveraging their respective strengths, both parties aim to deliver enhanced performance, privacy compliance, and increased revenue streams for everyone in the media industry.

Jet-Stream has introduced key enhancement, a new “ad-only” mode, also known as outstream advertising. This mode exclusively presents ads without accompanying videos from Jet-Stream’s platform, providing an effortless way to incorporate video ads on your websites. Opt Out Advertising is renowned for their privacy-friendly ads, which can be displayed to all website visitors, even those who decline to provide consent for their information to be used for advertising purposes. This partnership presents an opportunity for publishers to generate a new source of revenue.

Furthermore, Jet-Stream introduced a new parameter to the player’s embed code, which has enabled Opt Out Advertising’s customers to seamlessly include ads directly from their servers, without relying on Google SDKs or other tracking mechanisms. This has not only enhanced user privacy and data protection but has also simplified the ad integration process, providing a more efficient and customizable advertising experience for users.

Jet-Stream’s CEO, Stef van der Ziel, stated: “We strongly believe that ad monetization and data protection can go hand in hand. With the partnership withOpt Out Advertising we’ve already proven with actual broadcasters that cookieless advertising yields higher results since it allows 100% inventory monetization, compared to just like 60% with the old privacy invading 3rd party data method”.

Tom van Bentheim, CEO of Opt Out Advertising: “In our organization, we understand the importance of data protection for customers. Thanks to our partnership with Jet-Stream, we are proud to offer a new video solution that strengthens the consentless position and opens up new revenue possibilities for our publishers”.

Through ongoing investments in innovation, both companies strive to create a future where data protection and advertising seamlessly coexist, empowering brands to achieve their goals in a privacy-conscious environment.