Build engaging mobile and TV apps with Jet-Stream OTT

Create feature-rich native mobile apps for iOS and Android, as well as captivating smart TV apps, allowing you to get your content in front of a massive audience in record time.

Build engaging mobile and TV apps with Jet-Stream OTT

Design a mobile app that keeps users coming back for more

Design a mobile app that keeps users coming back for more

Enable Content Downloads

Allow users to download videos directly to their devices for uninterrupted viewing, even without an internet connection.

Add In-App Purchase

Integrate a seamless in-app payment system, enabling viewers to subscribe or pay-per-view with just a few taps.

Cast to Chromecast

Provide a one-click casting option to Google Chromecast devices, letting users enjoy videos on the big screen.

Develop Sticky Menu

Implement a persistent sticky menu, ensuring effortless navigation through all sections of your app.

Create Content Carousels

Incorporate user-friendly video carousels, enabling viewers to effortlessly browse through your video collection.

Enable Notifications

Update viewers on the new content available on the platform via push notifications.

Apply Search Filters

Equip your app with customizable search filters, empowering users to discover specific videos based on their preferences.

Integrate Smart Search

Integrate an “Elastic Search” function for a user-friendly search experience, allowing viewers to find videos with ease.

Show Recent Content

Develop a “My Videos” section that displays users’ recently watched and purchased content for easy access.

Enable ‘Favourite’ Section

Allow users to build their own video library by creating a personalized “Favorites” section.

Support Multiple Languages

Expand your reach by offering your app in multiple languages, catering to a broader audience and international fans.

Provide Native Player

Provide a native video player with functionalities like subtitle selection, fast-forwarding, and rewinding for optimal viewing control.

Share your content on the biggest screen in the house

Jet-Stream OTT is built to support the most popular TV brands worldwide, including Samsung, LG, and TP Vision. This ensures your content reaches a vast audience regardless of their TV model.

No more complicated login processes

Our user-friendly account linking system allows viewers to connect their existing accounts, accessed via the website, directly on their smart TVs. This ensures a seamless transition and gets them watching their favorite content right away.

Curate your watchlist

Easily select your favourite videos using the cross-navigation on your remote control, ensuring quick access to the content you love.

'My favourites' tab on the Smart TV OTT app.