Monetise your content.
Your way.  

One-size-fits-all monetization doesn’t work anymore. You need every tool at your disposal to maximize revenue.

Jet-Stream OTT offers an extensive suite of features designed to let you craft the perfect revenue strategy for your unique content and audience.

Monetise your content.
Your way.

“What are the options for my content monetisation?”

“What are the options for my content monetisation?”

Free Tier

Expand reach and nurture potential subscribers with a strategic free account option.


Generate revenue by displaying targeted ads before, during, or after your content.

A La Carte

Provide viewers with choice through individual video purchases and series bundles.


Offer exclusive events or high-demand content for a one-time purchase fee.


Drive engagement with limited-time rentals, encouraging repeat viewership for binge-worthy content.

Credit System

Empower viewers and offer them flexibility with a purchase system based on viewing credits.


Cultivate a loyal subscriber base with customizable monthly subscriptions that foster long-term engagement.


Integrate a “tip jar” or donation functionality to allow viewers to directly support your content creation.

What strategies can help me expand
my audience and boost profits?

‣ Create user-friendly sales funnels that integrate seamlessly with email marketing tools for customer nurturing.

‣ Attract new viewers with targeted voucher campaigns offering discounts or free trials.

‣ Fuel viewer excitement with strategic discounts like “2+1 Free” or limited-time free trials.

‣ Gain valuable insights into your earnings with comprehensive revenue statistics.

How can I make it easier for viewers to buy my content?

Improve your OTT revenue model by adding shopping cart system.

‣ Let your audience pay for shows and subscriptions with a user-friendly shopping cart system.

‣ Integrate Jet-Stream OTT with your existing payment processors (Mollie or Stripe) for smooth transactions.

‣ Accept a wide range of popular payment methods, including credit cards, iDeal, and more.