OTT website builder

Build a professional, user-friendly OTT platform that showcases your unique media content and captivates your audience.

OTT website builder

Build a solid foundation

SSL and Hosting

Get started with secure and reliable hosting, including a free SSL certificate for a secure user experience.

Branding & Styling

Infuse your website with your unique personality by incorporating your logo, favicon, fonts, and main color scheme.

Menu and Footer

Design a user-friendly navigation system with a customizable menu and footer for easy access to key information.

Video Headers

Add a touch of dynamism to your pages with trendy video headers that grab user attention.

Call to Action

Drive user action with clear and compelling call-to-action buttons that encourage subscriptions,downloads, or other desired actions.

Pricing Page

Set up clear and attractive pricing plans with customizable pricing tables to convert viewers into paying customers.

Video Carousels

Showcase curated video collections based on themes or topics to engage users and promote discovery.

Video Page

Craft detailed video pages with informative text descriptions, links, and downloadable documents (if applicable) to provide users with all the necessary information.

Video Series

Organize your content logically by structuring video series by category or topic for easy browsing.

Make Content Discoverable

▪️Let users find what they want fast with an accurate search function.

▪️Offer a user-friendly “Discoversection with filters for easy exploration.

▪️Optimize video pages with relevant keywords to rank higher in search results.

▪️Attract a wider audience by making your website multilingual.

Keep Your Viewers Engaged

User Accounts

Provide a personalized user experience by allowing viewers to create accounts where they can manage their watch history, favorites, and other preferences.


Boost user engagement by recommending videos manually or based on a viewer’s watch history, promoting further content discovery.


Allow viewers to personalize their experience by adding videos to a “Favorites” section for quick access to their preferred content.

OTT website with 'Favourites' tab
Blog overview as part of your OTT website

Blog Overview

Create a clear and organized blog section for informative content that can complement your video offerings.

News Section

Keep your viewers informed about platform updates, promotions, and other relevant news with a news carousel.

OTT website news section example

Grow Your Audience


Streamline the user registration process with a user-friendly registration form that encourages sign-ups.

Newsletter Integration

Build your email list for targeted marketing with an opt-in newsletter element for user subscriptions.

Social Media Sharing

Enable viewers to share your videos with their social networks using integrated social media icons.