Jet-Stream stands as a beacon of environmental and social responsibility in the streaming industry. Read how Jet-Stream is setting the standard for green streaming and data protection, ensuring a sustainable and secure digital future.

Leading the Way in Green Streaming

Streaming, by its very nature, is resource-intensive, involving significant energy consumption in processing, analytics, storage, and delivery. Recognizing this, Jet-Stream has committed to what is termed ‘greening of streaming,’ implementing several key initiatives:

  • 100% Carbon-Free Energy Datacenters: Since 2004, Jet-Stream has exclusively used certified datacenters powered by carbon-free energy. These facilities employ innovative cooling techniques, cold corridors, 100% use of wind energy, and highly efficient water usage, setting a benchmark in energy-efficient data management.
  • Reduced Physical and Energy Footprint: Jet-Stream recently upgraded its cloud hardware, resulting in a 75% reduction in physical space and a 50% cut in energy usage, illustrating a profound commitment to environmental sustainability.
  • Smart Capacity Scaling: Utilizing algorithms that dynamically adjust capacity based on real-time popularity data, Jet-Stream achieves a 35% reduction in energy use without compromising performance or availability.
  • Energy-Efficient Transcoding: By implementing hardware acceleration for transcoding tasks, traditionally heavy on CPU and energy, Jet-Stream achieves a staggering 90% reduction in energy consumption.
  • Data Aggregation Efficiency: Jet-Stream also optimizes its data processing, aggregating logging data into viewer sessions, reducing data volume by a factor of 2000 and significantly saving server resources and energy for analytics.

Through these efforts, Jet-Stream is not just participating in the green streaming movement; it’s leading it, setting a gold standard for zero-carbon, energy-efficient operations in the streaming industry.

Commitment to Data Protection and Privacy

In the world of instant video streaming, data protection and privacy are paramount. Jet-Stream understands the critical nature of this issue and has taken decisive actions:

  • EU-Based Secure Cloud: By building and operating an EU cloud, managed exclusively by EU staff and owned within the EU, Jet-Stream ensures that all data remains within a secure and legally compliant environment.
  • Self-Owned and Hosted Software Solutions: Replacing third-party vendors with in-house software for critical functions like transcoding, delivery, and analytics, Jet-Stream eliminates data leakage risks.
  • Minimal Data Collection: The company eschews the use of trackers and cookies, significantly reducing data collection and mitigating the risk of data breaches.
  • Data Anonymization: Jet-Stream anonymizes data, rendering IP addresses unreadable to ensure that customer data in analytics or shared logs is secure and private.
  • Data Ownership Ethics: Jet-Stream transfers the ownership of metadata to its customers, refraining from sharing or selling this data, underscoring its commitment to user privacy and data sovereignty.

These measures not only protect user data but also provide a blueprint for responsible data management in the streaming industry.


Jet-Stream’s approach to green streaming and data privacy sets a benchmark for social and environmental responsibility in the digital realm. The company’s commitment to sustainable practices and staunch advocacy for data protection positions it as a leader in creating a more secure, environmentally conscious streaming landscape. In championing these causes, Jet-Stream isn’t just making a statement; it’s forging a path for others in the industry to follow, ensuring a better, safer digital world for all. It is a service of trust that you can rely on.