Exciting news is streaming in! No-coding media workflow platform Pluxbox integrated Jet-Stream Cloud’s expert level APIs into its service, bringing forth an era of no-code workflow creation for advanced live and on-demand video and audio workflows.

Efficiency Through Integration

Here’s a question for you: Want to craft advanced streaming workflows effortlessly? With Jet-Stream’s existing Easy and Smart No-Code layers, it’s possible. But what about the Expert API layer? It usually requires coding knowledge. Now, with Pluxbox’s integration on Jet-Stream’s APIs, you can create advanced streaming workflows effortlessly also on Expert level, eliminating the need for intricate coding, saving tremendous costs and time.

No-code Streaming Workflows

Imagine wanting to build a Twitch-like service. With Jet-Stream’s Expert level capabilities, it’s possible but requires technical expertise. Now, with Pluxbox, you can automatically generate streaming endpoints upon users starting a stream, automatically protecting, publishing and recording the streams, while also offering realtime visitor metrics. This is opening up a world of possibilities without the barriers of coding.

Extended Workflows From Glass to Glass

Pluxbox enables you to quickly create a no-code workflow for content production, media management, analysis, processing, distribution, analytics and publishing. Imagine automating your live encoders, recording, multi-CDN distribution, website publishing, payment and analytics in just a few clicks. Jet-Stream Cloud is now an integrated part of the Pluxbox ecosystem, offering professional encoding, transcoding, stream management, recording, multi-CDN distribution, branded and interactive media player, content protection and analytics.

Example: Extract Analytical Data Without Coding!

Thanks to the integration of Jet-Stream StreamStats API, Pluxbox users can access real-time analytics effortlessly. From video views to podcast downloads, all essential media usage metrics are aggregated and structured in a centralised facility, customised to meet your specific needs.

“StreamStats offers easy and smart levels of accessing your media analytics in a user-friendly interface. In a single screen, you get all your core data,” explains Joshua Peper, our CTO. “To access deeper data and to do custom reporting, we also offer a powerful unified API that provides structured data, ready for further analysis or linking to external systems. And with the usage of Pluxbox, you can extract analytical data for use in dashboards, reporting, and on your website without coding.”

HvA: Pioneering the Integration

The Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (HvA) stands as the first enthusiastic user benefiting from the integration between Jet-Stream and Pluxbox. HvA now boasts a comprehensive platform that fosters collaboration among students, showcasing their creative work and providing learning opportunities. From video content to radio shows, HvA students can explore a diverse array of media offerings, all made possible by the seamless synergy of Jet-Stream and Pluxbox.

Don’t let coding be a barrier; let your creativity flow with Jet-Stream and Pluxbox. 

About Pluxbox

Pluxbox is a specialist at orchestration and automation of media supply chain. With the power of no-code development, Pluxbox empowers media companies to seamlessly integrate all the necessary digital tools and workflows in their own fully personalized Digital Ecosystem. Pluxbox has already digitally transformed operations for such organisations as RTL, NPO, DPG Media, Talpa and other leading media players.

About Jet-Stream

Jet-Stream is Europe’s streaming specialist. With 30 years of experience in streaming, we are true innovators. We operate our own streaming cloud and are specialised in streaming media workflow orchestration and automation. Customers include Eurovision, Mediahuis, Ajax, Vodafone, Mercedes-Benz, and many broadcasters and enterprises.