MultiCDN pricing

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Network award!
€ 999
25 TB traffic
100 GB storage
per month, all premium features and 25 TB included
€ 999,- setup fee
  • Most versatile streaming platform
  • Deep integration with many CDNs
  • Dynamic Multi CDN load balancing
  • Live radio, TV and VOD streaming
  • Detailed statistics and reports
  • Great workflow automation APIs
  • Cut TCO streaming costs up to 50%
  • Go MultiCDN within one business day
Traffic rates - Multiple CDNs
1-100 TBper GB€ 0,04
101 TB-1 PBper GB€ 0,02
1-10PBper GBfrom € 0,01
10PB+per GBfrom € 0,005
4K UHD performance storage
>100GB-1 TBper GB€ 0,04
>1 TB+per GB€ 0,025
Expert support, phone and email
Free expert walk through, setup, integration and migration support
Per ticket€ 49,001 ticket = 15 minutes
Support pack- 4 tickets€ 49,00per month
Exclusive support pack- 8 tickets + 4 24/7 incidents€ 249,00per month
Go MultiCDN today
Zero time to market: MultiCDN is operational in one business day
Competitive: no overhead metrics and switching costs
One platform, one API: deep integration with CDNs
Beyond switching: dynamic load balancing over multiple CDNs
Most versatile: all premium Jet-Stream features are included
Annual subscription, auto renewal
Non committed traffic rates, ask for committed rate discounts
Unlimited Jet-Stream Video Player with expert features
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    Nuno Rodrigues

    Project manager, Claranet, Portugal