Compare Jet-Stream

There are many different vendors in the streaming media industry, making it hard to compare. We go beyond online video platforms, we go beyond CDNs and we go beyond video portals. Read how:


Jet-Stream beyond Online Video Platforms (OVP)
Online Video Platforms focus on video management and publishing, less on delivery management. They are great services if you want to publish your content, since they offer a feature-rich platform: you could never develop and operate such a platform yourself at these costs.

However, OVPs also lock you into their video player and limit you to their specific workflow process. Professional content publishers need more freedom and control and that is Jet-Stream territory: we offer a competitive service, including a professional video player, but you can use any other video player and video platform as well.

Jet-Stream lets you integrate your own redundant encoders, content management systems, backends and portals. Our platform is designed for you to design and automate your own custom workflow that fit your specific needs.

We offer streaming and CDN control on steroids and our uptime and performance are typically much higher. Our MultiCDN and bespoke CDN services help you optimise costs and gain strategic control over delivery of your precious content.

Our team of specialists is available 24*7 to help you design, implement and operate your broadcast grade streaming services. Let’s have a coffee and discover Jet-Stream.

Jet-Stream beyond Do it Yourself
We understand that it may be tempting to design, implement and operate your own custom streaming platform. You can rent cloud services and rent streaming software and build everything yourself. Compared to Online Video Platforms you get much more flexibility.

However, the Total Cost of Ownership of running your own streaming infrastructure can be incredibly high. How do you tune your origins, your caches? How do you dynamically load balance traffic? How do you scale? How to operate everything at the lowest costs? Keeping your knowledge and your custom platform up to date with the latest features, protocols and standards is very expensive and time consuming. Your IT staff really has better things to do. Too many times we are hired to redesign existing streaming platforms because they have become too complicated to manage, and therefore could not keep up with the fast innovative pace of our industry.

Jet-Stream customers get the best of both worlds: a competitive, scalable and feature-rich platform with the flexibility to add custom origins, dedicated origins and edge caches, and all the flexibility to build your complex custom workflows with the encoders, backends, CMS, portals and players of your choice, while being supported by an award winning platform and our 20+ years experienced streaming team of experts.

If you need to run your own platform, Jet-Stream Bespoke offers the experience and technologies to design, build and operate dedicated SaaS, hosted and licensed CDNs for you. Let’s have a chat about your needs. 

Jet-Stream beyond Clouds and CDNs
Clouds and CDNs are great infrastructures to distribute your content. They are however commoditized generic caching platforms and are not tuned for and specialised in streaming delivery. They lack the features, workflow support and streaming specialists that media content publishers need. If they are offering streaming services, you are heavily charged for individual features.

Jet-Stream customers require a reliable specialist with in-depth streaming expertise. We offer the richest platform for streaming delivery management, all our workflow tools, features and statistics are designed with you, broadcasting specialists, in mind, at competitive rates, and we outperform regular CDNs and clouds.

We are actually deeply integrated with the leading global CDNs and clouds. We know the exact pros and cons of individual CDNs and clouds, not just in terms of performance, features and support levels, we also know all about their pricing models. Our platform enriches the services of these CDNs with our streaming features on steroids: Jet-Stream MultiCDN is one platform to rule them all. That is why our CDN partners regularly ask us to support their streaming customers. Let’s discuss your CDN strategy.

Jet-Stream beyond YouTube, Facebook Live

Video platforms such as Facebook Live, YouTube are great for companies who need to find audiences for their content. If you need reach for video content, they are the platforms to go to.

Jet-Stream customers however, typically have their own audiences and don’t want their content to be associated with these consumer platforms or other content.

Jet-Stream customers want to exclusively protect and monetize their own content, and not share their revenues and data with competing platforms such as YouTube and Facebook.

Jet-Stream customers need much more control, features, customization than these platforms can offer. We don’t filter your content. We guarantee your data is yours, and your data is only processed in Europe.

And remember, if the service is free, you are the product… With Jet-Stream, you are in charge.

Jet-Stream beyond telecom and broadcast services companies

To offer their customers high-end streaming infrastructures and services, renowned telecom and broadcast services companies resell, white label and license Jet-Stream services and software products. Jet-Stream also offers 3rd line expert support to these vendors and is often asked to participate in their research projects, since streaming and CDNs are our bread and butter. If you are interested in representing Jet-Stream in your market, let’s have a chat.

Jet-Stream versus US based services

Privacy is a fundamental human right. Jet-Stream is an active pro privacy advocate. We don’t save unnecessary data. We don’t claim ownership on data. We don’t share or sell data. It is unlawful to store personal data in countries without sufficient safeguards. The US is such a country. Their laws demand from any US subsidiary, even if it is a EU entity, even if their servers are in EU territory, that they give access to personal data in their possession. This does not only affect US companies but also European companies who are relying on US services for their services. Jet-Stream is a Dutch company, without any ties to US based companies. Our core infrastructure is deployed in the EU zone. This means that foreign laws which do not offer safeguards do not apply. Your data, and your viewers data, are protected by EU privacy laws. We don’t use US services by default, and we ask our global delivery suppliers to store their data in the EU zone. Our Privacy Player has no trackers. Share your creativity, not your data.